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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Your bill?, Sir

When it comes to the continuous complexity surrounding Pak-American relations, they often confuse people more than educate them with the passage of time. From being a Cold War ally since the days of SEATO and CENTO era, to the 'front line state' during the 'American Jihad' against the Soviet presence during the 1980s and the post-9/11 'American Crusade' against their own Jihadi Frankensteins, both taking place in our fine friendly and lovable neighbours Afghanistan; Pakistanis like me can only sit on the fence and curse ourselves at being the 'ally' of such an unreliable, inconsiderate, reckless, and terminally ill behemoth named the US of A.

Do More. Do More. That pretty much sums up the 8 years being part of the farce WoT in the name of freedom, democracy, and other propaganda spat out from the boardrooms of think tanks based in Washington DC. Their track record in Afghanistan and the completely unnecessary conflict in Iraq is already in the public's eye. No remorse shown by those blundering baboons either.

When it comes to setting their priorities right and being a bit more consistent in their mentality , it has harmed the Americans and their 'allies' more than worrying that one day the Statue of Liberty could wear a burqa if they fail. Right. The latest incident being the much debated and already maligned Kerry-Luger Bill accepted by the US Congress to increase aid to Pakistan because of our 'contributions' in the WoT but being the subject of scathing criticism from leading Pakistani political and military figures. The Bill, to put it mildly, seems to give out money to the government and army by essentially allowing greater American access and say in domestic affairs, esp. in the 'securing' of Pakistan's nuclear assets (which the US has never been a fan of since we pushed the button in May 1998, and of course the whole A.Q.Khan fiasco), and insisting we stop supporting terrorists that had been established by direct American and Saudi money in the first place.

Its like Pakistan's role as a poorly treated (but useful) geopolitical prostitute wont finish at all.

In an unprecedented meeting involving all the Pak Army's Corps Commanders on 7th Oct 2009 presided over by the current COAS, General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, a press release from the Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR) declared very strong reservations of the Kerry-Luger Bill trying to undermine Pakistan's national security and integrity for the sake of a few extra dollars. The Corps Commander meeting, having requested the political administration and Parliament to critically analyse the contents, conditions, (and repercussions) of the Bill, more or less refused to accept this latest act of direct American buffoonery.

Fine and dandy? Not quite. Having clearly been taken aback by the Army's refusal to accept the Bill, American pressure and 'concerns' were obvious. And what better way to 'prove their point' of the terrorist threat than today's attack on the Pak Army's General Headquarters (GHQ) in Rawalpindi Cantonment which is just a few miles away from Islamabad. Coincidentally obvious, you may say?

Just 3 days after the Kerry-Luger Bill had been declared more or less a farce by the Army generals, an attack on the very heart of Pakistan's military establishment is not just a coincidental act of terrorism by the Waziristan and Orakzai Agency based Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP). The TTP's almost immediate admission in being behind such an attack, as well as the attack in Peshawar's cantonment area the previous day that killed 50+, confuses the public and hides the true face of terror which wear expensive designer suits, and pocket billions of tax payer dollars rather than have untidy facial hair and living in caves with their favourite AK-47 at hand.

Coincidence is too timid a word to describe such acts of terrorist blackmailing. The very people America is fighting, and has forced Pakistan to fight as well, were only there because America wanted them to be there in the first place.
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