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Sunday, September 30, 2007

Who is she fucking now

A tale of political filth, when the New York Times gets down with the White House petty bureaucratic thug

I was wondering about Judith Miller whereabouts. Fact is, she is now working for the right-wing think tank Manhattan Institute in New York, which means she doing jack shit, solely associating herself with other right wings circus intellectuals whose understanding of the world geopolitics, is as accurate as my own understanding of the Vatican sewing system. Miller is that New York times cheap & sluttish paper pushing post menopausal fruit cake who used to literally fuck her "sources" (slept with scooter Libby) but protect them from potential judicial & legal miss fortunes, when the shit was getting through the fan. She is the meanless bitch who Played & manipulated the bioterror threat to promote her book Germs, co-authored with Times-men Steven Engelberg and William Broad, while the book was in the bookstores and getting a Viagra inducing erection in the best seller list, after Judith opened an envelope of white powder (which turned out to be pigeon droppings...) in her office desk at the New York Times, her book was #6 on the New York Times best seller list. The following week (October 21, 2001), it reached #2. By October 28, --at the height of her fear-mongering campaign--it was up to #1. Like Alexander Cockburn said, If we were cynical...we could advance the hypothesis that Judith played us like she did with the Plame's case....

sources for Miller's book charts, Alexander Cockburn.

Podhoretz or the case for euthanasia


After having watched Cspan2 interview of Norman Podhotetz by Charles Pena, i am even more convinced that such childish & buffoonish rhetoric's within an old decrepited carcass urgently calls for physical termination. Podhotetz you are a sick fuck and before your dream of annihilating millions of Iranians, you really deserve to die first.
And hats off to Charles pena for his inquisitive questioning

Nazi watch alert

the case for a long expected obituary, or why that old demented senile is going to rot in hell

Ass Breathed Brown-Noser Norman Podhoretz hasn't die yet , because he will appear on Cspan book TV to promote his latest excremental outburst, "World War IV: The Long Struggle Against Islamofascism", Norman Podhoretz is the Zionist genocidal maniac who endorses and promotes a nuclear strike on Iran, and is, according to his own word, praying god for it. He is also the gastrointestinal virus who wrote in 2003, " The secret Nazi underground, and the scientific search for Hitler's base on the dark side of the moon". Sometime you'd wish an Anus-Invading twerp like Doktor Podhoretz could drown in the excremental fabrics of his natural habitat.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

The best move since the US decided to state sponsor terrorism

Iran Labels CIA Terrorist Organization

By Ali Akbar Dareini

TEHRAN, Iran (AP) - Iran's parliament on Saturday approved a nonbinding resolution labeling the CIA and the U.S. Army "terrorist organizations," in apparent response to a Senate resolution seeking to give a similar designation to Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. The hard-line dominated parliament cited U.S. involvement in dropping nuclear bombs in Japan in World War II, using depleted uranium munitions in the Balkans, Afghanistan and Iraq, supporting the killings of Palestinians by Israel, bombing and killing Iraqi civilians, and torturing terror suspects in prisons."The aggressor U.S. Army and the Central Intelligence Agency are terrorists and also nurture terror," said a statement by the 215 lawmakers who signed the resolution at an open session of the Iranian parliament. The session was broadcast live on state-run radio. The resolution, which is seen as a diplomatic offensive against the U.S., urges Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's government to treat the two as terrorist organizations. It also paves the way for the resolution to become legislation that - if ratified by the country's hardline constitutional watchdog - would become law. The government is expected to wait for U.S. reaction before making its decision. On Wednesday, the Senate voted 76-22 in favor of a resolution urging the State Department to designate Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps a terrorist organization. While the proposal attracted overwhelming bipartisan support, a small group of Democrats said they feared labeling the state-sponsored organization a terrorist group could be interpreted as a congressional authorization of military force in Iran. The Bush administration had already been considering whether to blacklist an elite unit within the Revolutionary Guard, subjecting part of the vast military operation to financial sanctions. The U.S. legislative push came a day after Ahmadinejad told world leaders at the U.N. General Assembly that his country would defy attempts to impose new sanctions by "arrogant powers" seeking to curb its nuclear program, accusing them of lying and imposing illegal penalties on his country. He said the nuclear issue was now "closed" as a political issue and Iran would pursue the monitoring of its nuclear program "through its appropriate legal path," the International Atomic Energy Agency, which is the U.N.'s nuclear watchdog. Tensions between the U.S. and Iran have escalated over Washington accusations that Iran is secretly trying to develop nuclear weapons and has been supplying Shiite militias in Iraq with deadly weapons used to kill U.S. troops. Iran denies both of the allegations.

I have a dream,

i wish i could be white, Black ain't that beautiful

While on the subject of scat manger, supreme court Justice and first class house negro Clarence Thomas is going to release his memoirs, in which he lashes and attacks Liberals and the Media, accusing them of having "desecrated his life". Oh yeah for sure Uncle Thomas that's the reason you had to go back, flipping those burgers at MC Donald.... Thomas is notorious for being that Black man who doesn't like Black people that much. He is the Roman catholic integrist who spent a life time carrying waters for institutions such as the Federalist Society, The Heritage Foundation, the National Center for Policy Analysis and every other right wing racist rat boxes. Thomas is also a good friend and a fan of radio host and excremental pile of human waste Rush Limbaugh, for whom he officiated a marriage once upon a time.In short the memoirs of a bottom feeding sale out mother fucker....Hey Ann Coulter where's the poison rat to put in Big Daddy's "creme brulee".

Friday, September 28, 2007

A tribute to Rush Limbaugh

Pedophile-Junkie have more fun

Rush Limbaugh, the one you can smell through your radio

Fart-Breathed & air headed pills popping junkie and pedophile at large comedian Rush Limbaugh is at it again. The putrescent mass of walking excremental vomit is faithful to himself, pushing the envelope to a new height of depravity. Someone should kill that Abortion-Survivor. Rush Limbaugh is notorious for going into paedophile's paradise, such as Costa Rica, on men's only week end trip with a truckload of Viagra....Amazing how filthy pile of human waste have the ability to breath that long. They really ruined a perfect rectum when they put teeth in your mouth, Rush. Please Hurry up and die. a lot of us are actually waiting to go and take a piss on your grave.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Focus on the faggot

a life dedicated to yellow trails, bad smells, and taking up the ass for Bush

Hypocritical lying sack of shit, balls licker extraordinaire, and Bush's favorite emasculated man in uniform , Gen. Peter Pace, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was on capitol hills, where he again, demonstrates his deep inner self hatred feeling towards Gays. Peter boy, if with a face like that, you are not a queer, then i 'd to apologize and will personally fuck you in the ass. And all that talk about God's law, immorality, decency, sex outside the bond of marriage, is sooo Gay, i bet you never eat pussy in your entire life, you fabulous dressed-up faggot....

and peace & respect to all the Gays brothers out there, you know exactly what i mean, when i call this piece of shit, fag, that's the ultimate insult for someone like him

Brief Bitch Slap of the day

The World is watching while the free popular process of democratization of the people of Burma is being brutally suppressed by the military Junta.

But Hey, there is oil in Burma.... why isn't the US invading that country ?.
Maybe because a lot of American oil companies have been doing business over there for decades. By the way did you notice the American army trucks, Hummer's and Suv''s.....used by the local military Junta. America support for dictatorship, priceless.....
And the sons of bitches in green killed a Japanese Free-lance photo reporter during a mass demonstration. Rest in peace Mr Nagai.

A lesson in humility

Gentlemen please stand, and pay your respect to a great leader

In decades i haven't heard such expression of wisdom ,integrity and moral courage from a politician. There might be a reason to it, Bolivia's president Evo Morales used to be a poor Coca farmer before winning the elections.
Daily show

Movie clip-credit to

American politics, Where the ooze meets the slime

not really much better here, but at least we don't have a democratic electoral process...

The Democratic party is famous for being the big tent party, where it smells as bad as in the "left without flushing" GOP toilet booth....The democrats also have their very own bunch of bureaucratic thugs who have a cover. The presidential candidates....

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

My private Idaho, The Final chapter

Brokeback Senator quits over Gay toilet sex scandal

Praise the Lord, my wife never saw anything of my homosexual side. But now that i am deliver from evil, i can quit and move to San Francisco, and start a new life with Ted Haggard

Focus on the excrement

Thomas Friedman's incompetence is an inspiration to idiots everywhere

The world is not flat, but Thomas Friedman was and still is an incredible ignorant moronic asshole. But it feels good to watch that despicable little twit "re-thinking" his initial martial bravado, by acknowledging that the Iraq adventure was not such good idea after all. Tommy i would love to teleport your sorry and fat lazy ass to Fallujah, just for the pleasure of watching you hanging over that famous bridge...
Colbert report

Movie clip-credit to

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Fear no evil, but ridicule

on the human personification of moronity who captured the essence of cretinism

The physical representation of ignorance, psychopathic behavior and pathological abusive personality was seen at the United Nations, where he made his best at trying to avoid mumbling, but his presentation was fidele a lui meme...Pathetic. But to illustrate the funny and fuzzy analogy of Iran's president with America's very own psychopathic leader, let's read some excerpts of CBS Scott Pelley's Interview With Iran's Leader Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Mr. President, American men and women are being killed by your weapons in Iraq. You know this.

Mr. President, I want to be very direct and very clear. Many Americans believe that you have American blood on your hands. Are you saying that it is not the policy of this government to send weapons into Iraq? Sir, forgive me, you're smiling, but this is a very serious matter to America.

I asked President Bush what he would say to you if he were sitting in this chair. And he told me, quote, speaking to you, that you've made terrible choices for your people. You've isolated your nation. You've taken a nation of proud and honorable people and made your country the pariah of the world. These are President Bush's words to you. What's your reply to the president?

These are few among many questions, which can be applied to Bush himself.

Just like the little naughty brat who discovered he could easily offend people by touching himself in public, showing his little penis, playing with his own feces, and screaming "shit, piss, fuck, cunt. ass" at will.. President shit for brain addressing the world about terror, democracy, freedom and more terror to come......

And Queen George, during your speech, you had the stomach to speak to the the world about the declaration of human rights and unilateral right to freedom, justice, peace and much murderous, torturer son of a bitch

A following on Columbia free speech

in which Columbia is synonym with embarrassment and antonym to intellectuality

Mr Lee Bollinger you exhibit the sign of a smelly intellectual wanker. You cite and endorse the words of US officials & their anti Iranian propaganda,limiting yourself to a shadow of a pro-governmental propaganda echo chamber. "the revulsion at what you stand for ,state sponsor of terror, misusing of sciences,humanity capacity for evil", are you projecting you hypocritical ass faced clown.You talk about intellectual courage. where is yours in regard to the revolting attitude of your own government who promotes and is engaged in state terrorism, war crimes, torture & physical abuse of prisoners, and the illegal detention of foreign nationals, as we speak. At least the Iran president had the courage to face an unfriendly and critical public, and stand by while listening a litany of insults, before personally responding to the most biased questioning. In his 8 years of embarrassment, George Bush never had the guts to do that. If The president of Iran has the monopoly on lunacy, Bush is on a 50-50 share base with him. Monopoly of nuclear terrorism, Iran has the right to develop and possess nuclear technology, and i hope they'll get their nukes before you filthy Americans have the opportunity to invade yet another country and slaughter hundreds of thousands of Arabic, science is the means to rescue man from ignorance, Mr Lee Bollinger you really need a big dose of science right up your infected rectum.

Sounds coming from the land of apartheid

my genocide was worst than yours

The man who has the blood of thousands of Palestinians on his hand, criticized Columbia university for hosting Iran's president, comparing the event to attempts to engage Adolf Hitler in dialogue before World War Two. I guess Iran's president little diatribe on Palestine didn't play well in Jerusalem, but you know what Shimon, Ahmadinejad was probably disingenuous on many issues, but in regard to Palestine he was dead right on target, you Zionist pigs took advantage of the persecutions & horrors perpetrated on the European Jews between 1936 and 1945, came to Palestine, stole the lands and slaughtered thousands of natives Palestinians, which to this day are maintained under an apartheid like system, where their dignity and daily lives are equal to the lives of Jews under the Nuremberg racial laws. By the way the other mass murdering sick fuck, Adolph Hitler has been dead for a while now...

Monday, September 24, 2007

That smell coming from American academia

Columbia's University president Lee C. Bollinger, told Iran's president Ahmadinejad, "you exhibit all the signs of a petty and cruel dictator".
Wish you had the testicles to tell that to your own petty psychopathic genocidal president, George w Bush, Mr Lee C. Bollinger. And Yes of course, Ahmadinejad is fucked in the head, but what about your simpleton president...The US is about the last fucking country on this planet who has the right of being critical of other nations socio-political system. Hypocritical war criminals sons of bitches.
and fuck Colombia university too, wankers....

I knew that Doctor Mengele & Podhoretz fathers used to share the same condom

Whoever thinks this old senile is worth the lives of millions of Iranians has to be dead by the end of the week too

A while ago i recommended a special eugenics legislation to deal with decrepited old senile pile of human waste such as Norman Podhoretz, but there is urgency. Podhoretz bragged about having personally asked president nitwit to bomb Iran, but today we have the confirmation that the old smelly raving lunatic told the truth, and did asked George the idiot to attack Iran. Again can i call for the assassination of an old murderous psychopathic Shit-Faced inbreed, who casually calls for the slaughter of millions of Iranians,. I think i can......I will pray to whoever Deity wants to listen to me, please can you induce a powerful heart attack into this worthless rancid sack of bones (or maybe a car accident would do just fine), but please just take him out of this world. If there is one individual who has to die now, Podhoretz is the one, mentally sick, intellectually degenerated and physically bordering and closer to a human cadaver than anything else. Norman, you already smell as bad a a dead body without the need of opening your mouth, from that to the real thing, the drive is short.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Another laureate for the presidential medale of incompetence

Mencken ,"No one ever went broke underestimating the intelligence of the American people"

Lecture from Glenn Kessler, diplomatic correspondent for the Washington Post. part of reporting teams that won Pulitzer Prizes in 1992 and 1996. at the John Hopkins school of advanced international studies. With afterwords from James Mann and Don Oberdorfer. C-span2

Condi rice is of course that notorious Sovietologist who serves now as the Secretary of State in the administration of George the nitwit, specialist in former Soviet Union geopolitical gynecology, who understands Russian pretty well, but is highly uncomfortable at speaking it, making her reliable on a third party translator....Like i said ugliness explains a lot, you don't feel like you have to be nice and you certainly don't want to. That is most certainly a problem, when you are supposed to be a top diplomat, and may have to rely on diplomacy, the art of being politically nice.....Everybody in Washington has known for decades, that she was not up to the task, something confirmed when George Bush selected her at his national security advisor, then after having getting rid of Uncle Tom Colin Powell, asked Rice to be his obedient secretary of state.

In terms of international diplomacy and foreign affairs, Condi is much like a carnivorous cow, she may pretends to know much, but actually doesn't know shit, but in the context of George Bush administration, she may be indeed the dog who performs Heimlich manoeuvre to save her owner.

Saturday, September 22, 2007

The four riders of the apocalypse

the exuberant celebration of suicidal tendency

Murderous simpleton and neo-Fascist Zionist Senatorial ass clown Joseph Lieberman is among 4 senators, Jon Kyl, Norm Coleman, and Lindsey Graham, responsible for introducing a new legislation which states that, the U.S. should “combat, contain, and roll back” Iran’s “violent activities and destabilizing influence inside Iraq. It counsels doing so “through the prudent and calibrated use of all instruments of [U.S. power], including diplomatic, economic, intelligence, and military instruments.” It also urges the administration to designate the Revolutionary Guards a terrorist organization".National Review Online . In other words, the four Capitol hill's lunatics are setting up the stage for future US military intervention in Iran..., and the most hilarious aspect of the issue, is that these senatorial buffoons really believe their own bullshit. Yes, America, go for it with Iran, let's get physical with its 1 648 000 km2, and its population over 70049262, which more than half is under 30 years old......when you are not even able to deal with a bunch of rag-tags in Iraq. Strongest army in the world, Yeah, in the DVD movies section at Walmart maybe....

Friday, September 21, 2007

Two of a kind

the infectious Senator & the itchy president

"Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad should be physically prevented from visiting Ground Zero should he attempt to go to the "sacred" site where the World Trade Center once stood", Arizona Sen. John McCain joked....And you Senator McCain, you should be committed to a mental institution, you semi-senile homicidal nutcase. But thanks to the infantilistic Dingus, it is finally soul relieving to be aware that Iran, not Osama bin Laden, not Saddam Hussein, was responsible for the 9/11 terrorist attack. Besides the latest US public campaign to paint Iranian president as Hitler's carbon copy, and the outrage in regard to his intention of visiting "Ground Zero", the problem with America, is that pathological inability to be honest about anything.

Yes indeed, Iran laws punish specific cases of male homosexuality by death, so does Saudi Arabia. There is a strong anti-Zionist resentment among Iranian society, opposed to the Anti-Semitic rhetoric's of Saudi Arabia....
Is Iran supporting terrorism ?, probably, but what about the US ?, who has certainly the most notorious rap sheet in that particular area. Not only limiting itself of supporting terrorism, the US has been and still is actively engaged in state terrorism. But again let's us forget about the July 1988 incident, in which the US destroyer USS Vincennes shot down an Iranian airliner flying over the Straits of Hormuz in the Persian Gulf, killing 300 people. let's us forget present days, where Iranian elements backed, financed and armed by the US, are conducting daily terrorist attacks against civilian targets inside Iran. Good idea, Let's us ignore the stench of hypocrisy....America provided Iraq with weapons, intelligence and the deadly components necessary to build the notorious Iraqi chemical & biological weaponry, but to be fair, they also used to provide Iran with the same.....In regard to 9/11. Iran officially denounced the 9/11 attacks & expressed its solidarity with the US, there were public mass-demonstrations of support for the US throughout Iran on the day, and days following the attacks. But the Booze-Hounded Senator John rabies from Arizona wants you to believe that Iran is the epiphany of evil, when in fact he was the son of a bitch who used to drop explosives ordinances from the safety of 30,000 feet, on Vietnam's cities and villages, some 30 years ago. You such a great Navy pilot hero Senator McCain, especially since North Vietnam didn't have an Air Force.

Thursday, September 20, 2007

A tribute to academic fungus Alan Dershowitz

Never trust someone who looks like this.If his head looks like a rectum, you know he's full of shit

Harvard Law School dirtbag extraordinaire, whose life is a monument to intellectual forgery & bottom feeding embarrassment. The professor who received a piece of mind from his half witted father, and hold on it to this day. The gibbering idiotic neo-Fascist pseudo-Jewish wanker, who did not content himself of playing professional petty accusator for the pro-Zionist gestapo, but also made his mission of destroying the life of Professor Norman Finkelstein. Dershowitz is accidental to the process of human evolution, his gene pool is much closer to cockroaches, and if for years i debated the difference between him and Genital herpes, now i am aware that it is just a matter of linguistic. There is joke circulating among Harvard Frat boys, it says," Dershowitz is so ugly that the last time he got a piece of ass was when his hand slipped through the toilet paper". Over here we have something going like this,"Dershowitz is the type of load you wish his mother had swallowed".

For what you did to Norman, I have my best Voodoo doll working on you....

Dysfunctional determinism

or the strange inhibitional mechanism of Joseph Cannon, Grand Ouroboros among bloggers

Is it snottiness and Joseph Cannon that Friedrich Nietzsche had in mind, when he wrote, "What is bad ? Everything that is born of weakness".

What is remarkable about Joseph Cannon, is his humility, It makes you wonder if the creator had little Joe in mind when he gave mortals the gift of linguistics, and if little Joseph was in fact the inspiration behind expressions such as "center of the universe" and "asshole". Unlike Dick Cheney who discovered himself while on the hunt for a vice president, Joseph discovered the world dumbest liberal blogger, and guess what, that's somebody else....Don't you love Mr thin skin pragmatism "de choc" in action. I felt a bit amused while reading Joseph latest act of intellectual bravery & moral clarity, on the issue of "to tase or not to tase ?", and subsequently deciding that the victim "deserved it". Though words little Joseph, I'd love to see you in a street fight....God knows how rightfull and consistent little Joseph is, if you are not wise enough to find yourself on the perfect side of the discourse of the day (which happens to be Joseph's side, on any given day....),Joseph might accuses you of just about anything, but especially of being a conspiracy crazy, an idiot or an ass. Yes indeed, the man has yet to enlarge his repertoire of profanities, he is not being very original. But for one thing Joseph doesn't care much about being original, all he wants is being right, but above all his aspirations, looking intelligent (or desperately trying to look as intelligent...),is what Joseph is really after. Joseph is a simple man, and within the context of his simple mind, Joseph has a very simple scheme, something far beyond his very own realm of personal limitations. Something discernible in his own vocabulary, he loves to talk about "his readers" and how ungrateful and unworthy they are of him. Little Joseph doesn't feign his scorn for his readership, each and every time he becomes the victim of erectile dysfunction. Maybe someone should inform joseph that, size probably doesn't matter (depending on your lady-friend's opinion of course...), and that a hard-on doesn't count as personal growth. Joseph is subjectively the victim of his own "folie des grandeurs" and paradoxically of his terminal sense of inferiority, he is in constant need of reaffirming his personal achievement, and what a better way to do it, than through the demeaning of others (sounds like yours truly...but it is not,turning other's ego into liquid shit is not much of a personal way to reaffirm myself). Joseph tendency to label individuals he doesn't like as "conspiracies crazed cranks", sounds much like a serious Freudian projection. But on the other hand, if unlike Joseph, you do not achieve sexual gratification by reading Daniel Hopsicker's conspiratorial munbo jumbo, you might become the target of Joseph petty chicanerie, because Joseph doesn't have yet the luxury of being cynical and sarcastic. The mere fact of being a funny sniveling, is for Joseph a profound source of satisfaction. Who ever said that the rubes don't know what is good for them.....But it is when confronted or facing argumentation, that our prolific vehicle of wisdom really reaffirms that his intellectual exercise hits the limit of his argumentation expertise.

One more thing Joseph, unlike yourself i have no need for being found of you in order to appreciate what i deem interesting about your writings, I personally consider you to be an immature emotional twerp, but i find some of your writings very interesting indeed, If only you could confine that pesky and cumbersome ego of yours, into the side of your ass where the sun never shines.....

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The genius of marketing decrepitude

Or the secret Black Art of turning feces
into gold

Few words from Aleister Crowley's "Leah Sublime", come to mind.
"The smear of your dirt, Snake of the slime, Mouth of my harlot".

Is there anything more amusing & pathetic, than watching an old capitalistic vampire thug like Greenspan, biting down the hand that fed him for so long.....For about 20 years,the man has been the laquet for the worst predatory capitalistic system on this planet, a system which doesn't blink at mass murdering to protect its own economic interest, a system which political structure and ideological mythology is based on an anti-communist pathology, yet a system which has China as its favorite & privileged trade partner. But after decades of having sucked the tainted and foiled blood of American imperial corporatism, Greenspan is allowing a couple of critical words out of his decrepited mouth, because he has an 8 million dollars book's deal, and still a couple of years to live....The Devil is watching you Alan, If there is anything he loves more than fool words, is fool smell.

Hasta la vista Torquemada

Each time the Attorney General tears,
illegal immigration wins

Short legged lying sack of shit calls it quit, with an obvious emotional twist.

Torture Boy is having enough of being given the enema each & every time he has to go on Capitol Hill, he is going back to Texas, to serve the Republican party (who is notorious for having such compassion towards wet backs....).

Friday, September 14, 2007

Open letter to Thomas Friedman

I fail to comprehend how you can continue to function on any level with an IQ that is three degrees below dog shit

I was watching an old interview in which you quoted. "we hit Iraq because we could...", i guess you are not the sentimental type, Tommy. To hit Iraq because you could, and consequentially more than half a million Iraqis got a taste of your little power trip, and died as a result of it. But the stench of their decomposed bodies cannot affect you as long as you stick your porcine characteristic to New York city. "because we could", That's quite a rational, i guess we cannot blame the fucking Nazis anymore, they killed millions of Jews because they could.....And the Iraqi situation doesn't really look so bad when you look at it through the anal cavity of a clumpy New York time's paper-pusher. But you know Tommy, you spineless contemptuous little worm, i am going to play you at your own game. Next time i'll see you on the Avenue, you are going to be the recipient of the bitch slap of the year, just because i can..... And just between you & i, you are the moral equivalent of a colostomy bag, and while on the subject of colostomy bag, please give my respect to your mother. I will never get over the embarrassment of belonging to the same species as you. You are a cankerous wanker A sore that won't go away.

Joe the terminator of Persia

Can you call a Jewish, a Nazi, when he is actually a Jewish Nazi

This is how Senatorial ass clown Joe Lieberman from Connecticut, started his Op-Ed in National Review on September 11, 2007. " Washington's Civilizational Choice, The freedom to survive....".
This is one sick puppy, and he has to be institutionalized before he has an opportunity to kill millions of people.

And ass clown Joe also thinks a lot about destroying Iran, During Petraeus report on Capitol Hill, ass clown Joe asked David Petraeus "if it was time to pursue Iranian forces inside Iran to stop them from intervening in Iraq".

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Pathetic Black puppet

how having lied so much for Whitey made me colorless

I have always hated this disgusting piece of human waste, from the Vietnam war, where he was instrumental in the cover up of the MyLai massacre, up to his role in the aggression against Iraq, when he took his sorry house Negro's face to the united nations, and in public did for the Bush administration what Monica did for Bill Clinton in private. This is one "house negro" who deserves the noose, not because he is African American, but because he is a Black who never felt wrong of associating himself with the most racist elements of the republican party, carrying their dirty waters and eventually wiping up their asses. If you have the stomach read his interview in GQ magazine

Tales of two war criminals

Evil has never been so banal

The emasculated man in uniform and the crooked diplomat with the pale complexion, lying to the world, and to the equally criminal American Senators. Why is Capitol Hill an off target for international terrorists. Chief of the Central Command (CENTCOM) Admiral William Fallon derided Petraeus as a sycophant, and told Petraeus that he considered him to be "an ass-kissing little chickenshit" and added, "I hate people like that". Well said Admiral Fallon, but i hope there is a camera around when this four stars lying sack of shit gets blown by Iraqi insurgent. Someone who like Ambassador RyanCrocker looks that much of a penis sniffer, doesn't need the help of anybody to get rid of his own stinky carcass, he will eventually die of cancer, or intestinal tumor.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The execution of intellectual integrity

Norman Finkelstein victim of pro-Zionist pressure on academic freedom of speech has resigned from DePaul university. This is an obvious victory for Harvard academic fungus Alan Dershowitz, the vile, worthless, spineless Lying little worm, who's life is a monument to forgery, fraud and deception. I feel debased just for knowing that such individual exists under the peculiar label of professor. Dershowitz is the moral equivalent of a septic-tank leech. Alan Dershowitz the proto-Fascist pseudo Jewish man who by himself confirms that concocting a fraud is still a great American tradition.. Congratulations Dershowitz, you've just made history as the biggest bottom-feeding loser around. If only you had an once of Norman's talent and moral & intellectual uprightness.

Not so triumphant mediocrity

Shinzo Abe, showcasing the how to grasp your ears firmly and pull, you might eventually just be able to remove your head from you ass

Here in Japan, we also have our share of ignorant arrogant useless incompetent little twerp, but this one didn't lasted that long.

Friday, September 7, 2007

The triumphalism of mediocrity

On the aphrodisiatic nature of grotesque

This is Fred Thompson, yet another B-movie third class actor & moron extraordinaire who would love to play "presidential". Freddo is the pathetic Viagra-dietic old man who married someone about his grand daughter's age, and the experience of decades of appearing in abominable TV series, makes Fred, another expert on nuclear technology and Middle East geopolitics. I am questioning what makes him so pathetically pitiful and ridicule. Is it his bitter, ignorant & hateful intolerant circus freak side, or the third grade actor turned contemptuous right-wing quack, magnificent dispenser of prepubescent hyperboles thing ?.

Oh, by the way, Freddo also wants to bomb the hell out of Iran...

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Madame secretary luxuriant infanticide

If there is a chance to avoid deeper disaster in Iraq, it depends on a psychological transformation so people begin preparing to compete for power peacefully instead of plotting how to survive amid anarchy. The international community cannot ensure such a shift, but we can and should do more to encourage it.
the old witch project

Madeleine K. Albright, This is the same fat old bitch, when asked on US television if she thought that the death of half a million Iraqi children was a price worth paying,Albright replied: "This is a very hard choice, but we think the price is worth it". I would love to see that feminine version of Heinrich Himmler, dropped into the street of Baghdad with her Curriculum Vitae painted on her back, and watch her being cannibalized by Iraqi mothers.

Justice, the American way

A two star general and two other officers have been sanctioned for laxness in investigating the killings of 24 civilians at Haditha, Iraq, but were cleared of a coverup, the military said Wednesday. The US Marine Corps said "letters of censure" have been issued to the former commanding general of the 2nd Marine Division, Major General Richard Huck, and two colonels. Lieutenant General James Mattis, who took the action, "did not find any evidence that these senior officers intended to cover up the incident," it said in a statement. "He did determine that their actions, or inactions, demonstrated lack of due diligence on the part of senior commanders and staff." Marine Commandant General James Conway said the officers' "actions, their inactions, and decisions in the aftermath of the Haditha incident did not meet the high standards we expect of Marine senior officer leadership." Marines killed 24 Iraqi civilians at Haditha on November 19, 2005 but commanders did not investigate the deaths until a Time magazine report four months later quoted witnesses who said the marines went on a rampage after a marine was killed by a roadside explosion. The marines initially claimed in a press release that 15 civilians also were killed in the roadside explosion. The probe into events on the ground has found that 10 of the victims were women and children who died after being shot at close range. The two officers who received letters of censure were Colonel Stephen Davis, the former commanding officer of the 2nd Marine Division's Regimental Combat Team-2, and Colonel Robert Sokolski, the division's former chief of staff. A total of eight marines were initially charged in connection with the Haditha deaths. Four were charged with murder while four senior officers were accused of failing to properly investigate the killings. Of the four marines charged with murder, two have since had charges withdrawn, while allegations against a third are also expected to be dismissed. (fromAFP).

If you are suspected of being an enemy combatant & designated as such by US authorities, you are eligible to spend the rest of your natural life, in an American concentration camp, without the possibility of being officially charged and even being denied access to legal representation & counsel. But if you are blessed with the sacrosanctity of American citizenship, you may kill at will, and feel pretty good about it.

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The Duke of Hazzard and the Frog Princess

Let us leave ugly women to men devoid of

Bush should do some soul-searching, he might just find one, but Condi's mind is dirtier than a rubber toilet seat, and that's the secret chemistry at work here.....

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

How many times do I have to flush before he goes away

Now you'll understand why i never liked this Obama, another Black man too eager to do the white men job

Barack Obama in his infinite wisdom doesn't stop at planning to launch military operations in Pakistan's tribal area, he also supports the insane Bush administration rationale for war with Iran, more he actually believes it. This is what he has to say on the subject.

"Americans need to come together to confront the challenge posed by Iran. Yet the Bush administration and an anonymous senator are blocking a bill with bipartisan support that would ratchet up the pressure on the Iranian regime. It’s time for this obstructionism to stop. The decision to wage a misguided war in Iraq has substantially strengthened Iran, which now poses the greatest strategic challenge to U.S. interests in the Middle East in a generation. Iran supports violent groups and sectarian politics in Iraq, fuels terror and extremism across the Middle East and continues to make progress on its nuclear program in defiance of the international community. Meanwhile, Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has declared that Israel must be “wiped off the map".

What Obama said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I've ever heard. At no point was he even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone listening to him is now dumber for having listened to it.
Senator, Your mind isn't so much twisted as badly sprained...

Monday, September 3, 2007

The blood soaked Clown of Arabia

The Great chickenhawk war criminal among his props

The type of material which induces bowel movement. And on the subject of feces, i can't feel bad either for the willing executioners in uniforms. How dumb do you have to be, to play both headmen and Cannon fodders. How many hundreds of thousands more, do you have to slaughter, before realizing that you smell as bad as German Nazis.

Saturday, September 1, 2007

Political anthropomorphism

Maybe There is a god after all...

Once upon a time, televangelist whack job Jerry Falwell blamed Liberals for 9/11, he also quoted,"AIDS is the wrath of a just God against homosexuals". Yesterday in an exclusive channeling session with Jerry Falwell, deep from the abysses of hell, i succeeded to communicate with the defunct raving lunatic who used to call himself a reverent. I wanted to ask him about the divine intervention & the wrath of God upon some of us mortals. I asked him about Tony Snow's fight with cancer, and if there was any possibility of a supernatural interpretation for Snow's malady. "Tony Snow got cancer for all the lies he's told the public", responded the good reverent.

Yes indeed Karma is a bitch. You know Tony Snow, Don't expect me to play it hypocritical because you are having a bad day, i mean a bad cancer, Shit happens every day, and people die every day. That doesn't make you any special. I am not a "moral" person, and i personally don't give a fuck about you being sick. Maybe i could feel sorry about you, if i could forget the casual way in which you dismissed the issue of Iraqi death toll, commenting on the 600,000 dead Iraqis, as ridiculous. ....Well now, you are also about to become a ratio, a data on a particular death list, Another asshole bites the dust. Not even cancer can stop you. You the remorseless megaphone of lies & distortions for the most corrupted and incompetent administration in America's history. You helped send to their deaths, thousands of American nationals, and criminally acted as an instrument to deny, dismissed and rejected the genocidal enterprise of American politics upon the Iraqi people, and the subsequent death of about a million individuals.

I was right, cancer is the natural step from moral leprosy.

good riddance.







The Intellect is Not a Serious Thing, and Never Has Been. It is An Instrument on Which one Plays, That is All

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