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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Call me Lady Maggie

The iron lady, a name that symbolizes politics of social despair, crude opportunism, corruption & who during her tenure as British prime minister, used her official position to enrich herself and her family, and whose son Mark, is implicated in illegal weapons trafficking and failed coup d'etat in Africa, is finally paying for her sins. Just like her protege Ronald Reagan, She will not enjoy finishing her life in dignity, having been diagnosed with dementia. Call it destiny, call it bad karma, Maggie doesn't need to go to hell, she is already living it, inside herself.

Thatcher's Daughter Reveals Britain's Ex-Premier Has Dementia

Monday, August 25, 2008

Osama come out, everything is forgotten

Reinventing the Evil Empire


Cruel reflection of a desperate nation

This is a fair representation of American journalism. A number of pundits who have parasited the Washingtonian politico-eco system for decades, and whose lives and careers depend entirely on the relations they have with the politicians, they are supposed to be critical of. Pundits individuals who hate each others, but who have to listen to each others before they can actually listen to themselves talking about insignificant and futile issues before millions of equally insignificant individuals.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Vomitus Americanus

Why Not Let the Republicans Deal with This Mess?

Friday, August 22, 2008

The bully, the bad ass & the shitty little country

Bush to Putin, "Get out now!". Putin to Bush, "Nyet!"
By Mike Whitney

Protecting the homeland

New Guidelines Would Give F.B.I. Broader Powers
FBI May Start Spying On Americans "Without Any Basis For Suspicion"

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Back to the old school

The arrogant American neo-cons thought they could encircle Russia without consequences, guess what, they were dead fucking wrong again

Assad Breaks Silence by Backing Moscow

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Who do you want me to suck today

Bush was a the top of his 911 game, when Woodward turned himself into Bush's personal Monica, and released "Bush at War". Bush is down the polls, courtesy of the Iraqi "adventure", Woodward is growing a miniature spine, and released "Plan of Attack", a somehow lovey-lovey critical intimate insight look at Bush war cabinet. Summer 2008, Bush is worth shit, Woodward is about to release "The War Within". his "coup de grace" on George Bush. 2012.Bush died of an intestinal cancer, and is buried in his Texas shit hole. Woodward releases "the presidential pedophile", the secretive sexual life of George W Bush.
Investigative journalism at its best.....

Deranged & desperate

Ron Suskind on his powerful and important new book "The Way of the World"。
Dr. Bryant Welsh on how the United States electorate has been rendered into a "State of Confusion," which is, not coincidentally, the title of his new book. Dr. Welsh graduated from Harvard College and Harvard Law School before receiving the Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He is also a Research Associate graduate of the Washington Psychoanalytic Institute. Dr. Welsh has been a nationally-prominent psychologist for thirty years and established the American Psychological Association Practice Directorate serving as its first executive director. In August of 2005, Dr. Welch was awarded the American Psychological Association's Presidential Citation for his "seminal and unique contribution to professional psychological practice." His new book is State of Confusion: Political Manipulation and the Assault on the American Mind. In this book, Dr. Welch makes the case that right-wing political operatives and many religious leaders, using sophisticated forms of political manipulation, have generated and exploited fear and confusion in the minds of countless Americans, bringing this country to the brink of a national political insanity. This makes it nearly impossible to recognize and deal with reality, which produced to the debacle in Iraq and renders us paralyzed in addressing crucial problems.


Psychopathic nation

America on the Couch
By Mike Whitney

Monday, August 18, 2008

A call for action

Support the executioners

Kill Bill O'Reilly. The song

Calvary of belief

Frank Schaeffer talks about his memoir "Crazy for God" at The Book Rack in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Mr. Schaeffer was the child of evangelical parents, had an insider's perspective on the formation of the Religious Right, and ultimately experienced a crisis of faith.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

When disinformation & lies meet excrementitious hypocrisy


"We took down a guy (Saddam Hussein) who killed a million people..."

First of all, Hussein never killed a million people. He was a son of a bitch who could and would have done it, but he never had the occasion. On the other hand, George Bush and his military invasions of Iraq & Afghanistan, is responsible for the death of more than a million people. I am still waiting for someone to take him down.

Sleeping with the enemy

This documentary reveals the top-secret cooperation between the CIA and the PLO since the early 1970s. It looks at why the US felt the need to protect American interests in the Middle East by reaching an agreement with 'terror organisation'. With Islamic extremism on the rise in Gaza and the West Bank, the US gave Jibril Rajoub, head of the Preventive Security Service in the West Bank millions. It begins with Ali Hassan Salameh, a young man who rose from an impoverished childhood to become one of former PLO leader Yasser Arafat's chief lieutenants. His task: to head Arafat's private guard, Force 17, and to engage "the devil", that is, to make contact with the US Government.
The documentary includes interviews with former US secretary of state George Schultz and the man who was former US president Bill Clinton's special envoy to the Middle East, Dennis Ross. It also includes an interview with Abu Daoud, one of the terrorists involved in the massacre at the Munich Olympics in 1972.


Saturday, August 16, 2008

The return of the evil empire

America's got a brand new phobia

Amazing, American media and public discourse have been completely free of Islamo-Fascist" talk for a week. Ignorant Americans have almost forgotten about the good old Osama Bin Laden. How long before they start to re-finance & use him to fight the new Russian threat.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Cspan Friday facial special

Introducing the Bush administration Associated Press suck puppy

Anne Gearan, AP, Diplomatic Writer goes over the latest in the conflict between Russia and Georgia, and the U.S. role in developments there. These include Secretary of State Rice's trip today to Tbilisi, the Georgian capital, Defense Secretary Gates' news conference yesterday on the U.S. response to the conflict, and a look at the diplomatic origins of the situation.

This is one funny bitch who has a lot of "humm" or "Haa" coming out of her mouth, but nothing much interesting to say.

Neon con latest Georgian adventure

Humanity's Greatest Enemy

Mouth fuck of the week

Mark Gilmore, Congressional Budget Office, Assistant Director for National Security, goes over the CBO’s new report looking at the scope and cost of U.S. government obligations for contractors in Iraq. The estimated cost was $85 billion from 2003 to 2007.

Never trust a guy who looks like Mark Gilmore. If his mouth looks like an anus, you know he's full of shit.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ayaan Hirsi Ali & the burden of pity

The Missionary Position
Laila Lalami

GOP-Grand Order of Pedophiles

Republican Culture of Corruption - an extended list

List of Republican Criminals spanning the last ten years. At last count: 275 names, 62 are pedophiles.

When big fat pedophile junkie talks about oral sex


The notorious breathing sack of shit who spends week end in pedophile paradise with a truckload of Viagra, and who's addiction to synthetic heroine is almost as famous as his un-consumed marriages, takes on the John Edwards sex scandal.

The mouth of the just shall meditate wisdom

President Bush, Will You Please Shut Up?"

The insanes are running the world

Will American Insouciance Destroy the World ?
By Paul Craig Roberts

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Big news, it smells like shit in the Bush Administration

Mukasey: No prosecutions in Justice hiring scandal

Wag the tail of war

The Reality Behind Western Propaganda Regarding War In Georgia

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Wishful eulogy

I expect cancer to beat the shit out of Bob Novak

Bob Novak: I Don't Expect To Beat This Cancer

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

From Stupid to Moronic to Evil
By Paul Craig Roberts

Monday, August 11, 2008

Double Dutch politics

The U.S. tiger has no teeth, just an angry growl

Bush denounces Russian violence in Georgia

It is ironic, isn't it, how president dumfuck invades a sovereign nation. topples and executes its leader, and screams like hell when someone else may have a bona fide reason for doing it.

So why couldn't Milosevic invade Kosovo? It was Serbia's own territory, too. If it wasn't OK for Serbia to crush a separatist movement in Kosovo, why it is OK for Georgia to do exactly the same?. South Ossetia may have been a part of the Soviet Republic of Georgia, but it hardly is Georgian at all. In fact Ossetia is divided between Russia and Georgia. Which wasn't a big deal when they both were Republics of the USSR, but it is now. Georgia has repeatedly refused to listen to the will of South Ossetians, who have expressed their wish to be reunited with their Northern brethren. Both parties reached an agreement to stop violence (1992) which Georgians have now violated. Russian retribution has been both swift and powerful. But Georgians can hardly complain. They started this. Georgians should have had second thought before bombing a territory in with 90% of the population are Russian citizens. South Ossetia must be allowed to hold a free vote (for the third time), but this time their decision needs to be honored. Why on Earth was the Kosovo referendum approved and even assisted by the West, but the 2006 S. Ossetian referendum wasn't?

Way to upstage the Olympics, Russia. If the US weren't distracted by Iraq, they could launch World War 3.

Made in USA

If it smells and tastes like hubris.

Ambassador Chas Freeman on the state of American foreign policy, particularly in vital and volatile region of the Middle East. Chas Freeman is a former US Ambassador to Saudi Arabia. In addition, he has been a Distinguished Fellow at the United States Institute of Peace, Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs, a Distinguished Fellow at the Institute for National Strategic Studies, Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Charge/Deputy Chief of Mission at the American Embassy in both China and Thailand, Director of Chinese Affairs for the Department of State. He is a member of the American Academy of Diplomacy. He is the recipient of many honors, including the Department of Defense Meritorious service (Desert Shield/Desert Storm), the CIA Medallion (Desert Shield/Desert Storm), the Distinguished Honor Award (Desert Shield/Desert Storm), and the Presidential Meritorious Service Award. Ambassador Freeman is currently Chairman of Projects International, Inc.; the President of the Middle East Policy Council; Co-Chair of the US-China Policy Council; and Vice Chair of the Atlantic Council. He is the author of "The Arts of Power: Statecraft and Diplomacy" and "The Diplomat's Dictionary." He served as an advisor to the Iraq study group.

Tim Shorrock on the privatization of American intelligence services

And Scott McClellan talking about his fucking book...

From Russia with love

The Pipeline War: Russian bear goes for West's jugular
By Svetlana Skarbo and Jonathan Petre

I guess Russia had finally decided it had enough being kicked in the nuts by the US

Forge me once shame on you, Forge me twice, shame the CIA

Suskind Revisited
by Philip Giraldi

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Conservative Student Conference

The young, ignorant & closeted homosexual side of American neo-Fascist freedom fighters

The Young America's Foundation 30th Nat'l Conservative Student Conference concludes with speakers Kirby Wilbur, Seattle's number one talk radio host, William Kristol, Editor of the Weekly Standard, and Patrick Coyle, V.P. of Young America's Foundation.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Eloge de la politique profane

Entretien avec Daniel Bensaïd autour de son dernier ouvrage. L’espace public rétrécit à vue d’œil sous la poussée des appétits privés. La citoyenneté dépérit sous le règne anonyme des marchés financiers. Le droit international est mis à mal par la logique de la guerre globale, sans limites ni frontières. Les peuples se décomposent en meutes, les classes en masses. Les partis capitulent devant le despotisme des sondages et le tribunal des experts. Quand la politique s’efface ainsi devant les décrets d’une économie automate, la cote des idoles et des dieux est à la hausse : le sacré revient en force. Comment penser l’avenir d’une politique profane en ces temps obscurs ?

Two front seats for the gallows

Tape: Top CIA official confesses order to forge Iraq-9/11 letter came on White House stationery

Olympics of shame

The great whore of Arizona

McCain the Antichrist?
By Robert Dreyfuss

Media toilet USA

Why TV News in the US is Utter Rubbish
By Kieren McCarthy

Friday, August 8, 2008

State of denial

Rice denies White House ordered forged letter

What do you expect from that ugly bitch, do you actually believe she is about to spill the beans, and confess how they manufactured this phony war, in order to loot Iraq's natural ressources, and exterminate about a million Iraqis.

Snuffing out Iraq

The Tragic Last Moments of Margaret Hassan
By Robert Fisk

Terrorists or whatever entities are behind these crimes, are worthless homicidal pigs, they don't have the balls to take on the military or civilian leadership, their daily tour de force expresses itself by running amok among the general population, the same defenseless individuals who are victims of the US administration & its puppet emasculated Iraqi partners. The Iraqi resistance targets US military personals and civilian officials, they do not lower themselves on attacking the people on who's behalf they are supposed to fight.

Allah Akbar, my ass, when the time comes, Allah is going to cut the balls of all of you terrorist pussies & women killers, & feed his dogs with.

History may be revised even as it is being written

Rwanda Accuses Top French Officials in 1994 Genocide

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Indiscriminate persecution is patriotic

Gitmo Detainees Subject to Detention Even If Acquitted: Pentagon

Blood lust for a dumb nation

Ron Suskind, author of "The Way of the World" discusses his book and how the White House misled the American people on intelligence to support the war in Iraq.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

American Justice

Verdict In Osama Bin Laden's Driver Trial Reached

They are going to send Osama Bin Laden's Driver to life in prison, while the genocidal son of a bitch who ordered the slaughter of a million Iraqis, is on his way to blow Chinese dictator, and watch those phony Olympics in that totalitarian shithole call China.

State terrorism

The Anthrax Attacks and the Assault on Civil Liberties

The United states of America Vs Theodore John Kaczynski
Michael Mello

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Paris Hilton takes on John Mc Cain

Paris punks the senile old monkey

Conspiracy reality

Mullen warns against USS Liberty redux

The top American military officer has warned Israel against orchestrating 'USS Liberty Part II' to provoke a US-led war against Iran

Monday, August 4, 2008

There is hope (for a lovely cadaver)

The power of Voodoo doll

Tumor-stricken Novak retires from column gig

Bob. do you remember when i wrote you that prophetic email, couple of years ago.

Hate of Americans is made of this

"we do not accept these figures....and it is derived from methodology that we don't accept.."

I was wondering about the reaction of James Rubin the Us state department spokesman (who happens to be Jewish, just like the genocidal overweighted bitch Madeleine albright..), if i was using his semantical approach & the same suspicion of methodology in regard to number of Jews slaughtered by the Nazi regime between 1933 & 1945.

Next stop Islamabad

US Vilifies Faithful Old Ally
By Eric Margolis

The satyrical branch of Al Qaida welcomes Big brother

Domain Name (Military)
IP Address 141.116.31.# (Army Information Systems Command-Pentagon)
ISP Army Information Systems Command-Pentagon
Continen :North America
Country :United States (Facts)
State :Virginia
City :Springfield
Lat/Long :38.7706, -77.2157 (Map)
Distance :6,729 miles

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