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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Omnia causa fiunt

Legal group wonders why White House took Cipro before anthrax attacks

September 2001, The president office, the vice president office, White House staff went on CIPRO, an antibiotic that is used to combat anthrax, 6 weeks prior the anthrax letters were even in the mail.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Gives hypocrisy a chance

The whole world is hooked on the latest emotional exploitation, the Mumbai terror attack!. While the lost of life is regrettable, the hysterical focus on this particular story, once again demonstrates the bias towards the "us against them". Good and decent representatives of the modern and civilized world, against the dark and murderous hordes of international Jihadists. Since the beginning of the month, hundreds of innocent civilian Afghans & Pakistanis have lost their lives, thanks to the precision targeting of US military in the region, Yesterday, while the world was mourning its dead in Mumbai, Afghans were demonstrating in mass in the street, against the indiscriminate slaughtering of its own..... But that failed to bring the conscience of the civilized world to its knees

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Crossing the nausea threshhold

Christopher Hitchens latest Clinton-derangement piffle in Slate magazine

1) Take an unrepentant deceptive doughy pudge simpleton with zero credibility on the subject of foreign policy.
2)Add a combination of sloth, crabwising, flatulence, liquor and egotism
3)Mix it to a dormant misogyny and a pathological hatred for the Clinton

What you get, is another grandiose excremental recipe from a deceitful egocentric little snarl who choose to become a neoconservative hatchet job, and spent the last 16 years bashing the Clintons, while carefully avoiding any criticism of the psychopath who has been squatting the oval office for the last 8 years.

Thanks Hitchens, we really need foreign policy advice, from a semi-alcoholic neo-Trostskyist quack like you, especially since both yourself and Hillary were in agreement on going to war in Iraq.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Snuff ethics & video tapes

Company named in Iraq prison torture report also sells ethics training videos to White House
By J.M. Berger


The Fat & lazy bastard of the Pax Americana

Bush's term is finally coming to end, i wanted to express my most sincere gratitude to Christopher Hitchens. Thank you for supporting the policies of the Bush administration, profile in incompetence & cockiness. Congratulations for beating up Tony Snow at his own game, and being such ardent echo chamber for an administration where disillusion & hubris were state's policies, & the decider in chief, a poster child for delusional conformism. Thank you for cheerleading a military aggression upon a sovereign nation, instrumental for Burying the thousands of Saddam Hussein's victims, under piles of hundreds of thousands of fresh new corpses, courtesy of American contribution to Middle East democratic process (that old universal adage, "in order to democratize them, we have to butcher them first...liberation through extermination). Thanks to the American experiment, Iraq is turning into a Middle Eastern Alice in wonderland, where the freedom to die around the corner, is not a choice but an option, every time you find yourself out of toilet paper, and had to walk to the nearest market store. Finally, congratulations Hitch for once again smelling the coffee, and endorsing Obama. For contrarian like yourself, turning coat is always the option.....

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wishful eulogy

Attorney General Michael Mukasey, The old decrepited son of a bitch who 1) was unable to define if water boarding was an act of torture, and 2) was then unwilling to comment on the issue, "since whatever that was, it is now out of the program...", the same despicable sack of shit who rationalized racial profiling towards Americans of Middle Eastern descents, because "Calvinists are not the ones who plant bombs & plan terrorist acts...", was the victim of a stroke earlier today, while delivering a speech at the annual dinner of the neo-Fascist Federalist society in Washington. We have the "soon to be dead" old monkey in our thoughts and prayers, and wish him to burn in hell.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Doha debate

Tuesday, October 28 2008

This House believes the Middle East would be better off with John McCain in the White House

I used to have a lot of respect for the intellectual integrity of the Doha Debate, but inviting that menopausal crackpot Danielle Pletka, turned the forum into a circus show. Equally ludicrous was Democratic strategist Dr. Michael Signer's disingenuous and laughable attempt at painting Obama as consistent in his foreign policy approach, and his desperate grotesque act at brushing up Obama flip flopping on almost every single issue.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Scab of a nation, driven insane

The State of the Israeli State and the Return of the Wandering Jew
By Larry Portis

Patrick Cockburn

After Words: Patrick Cockburn, author of "Muqtada: Muqtada al-Sadr, the Shia Revival, and the Struggle for Iraq" interviewed by James Zogby


Anatomie du delire finkielkrautien

La Position du penseur couche. Repliques a Alain Finkielkraut

Finkielkraut est fabuleux dans sa névrose & son obsession démagogique, dans son incarnation du médiocre & de la polémique de basse cour. Avec cette incandescence fébrile et paranoïaque, Il représente la philosophie du "reality show", le spectacle du pseudo- intellectuelle de plateau de télévision, la consécration de la vulgarité de la pensée, de l'immediatisme culturel et de la réflexion a cinq sous. Grand prêtre du prosélytisme de la rumeur du complot antisémite omniprésent, ce falsificateur de l'histoire & cette caricature du bien pensant, est un pauvre homme qui a bien du mal a vieillir, a la télévision, on l'écoute dire n'importe quoi, un jour on l'invitera pour se moquer de lui, et il viendra.

Balls kicking of the week

Former neurotic United States ambassador to the UN & mephamphetamine user, John Bolton, the Charles Manson of foreign diplomacy facing tough questions on a BBC panel.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Zionist Revisionism

Ben-Gurion' Scandals -- How the Hagannah and The Mossad Eliminated Jews

In order to be able to write and publish this book, Giladi, an Iraqi Jew settled in Israel, had to renounce his citizenship and settle in the US. The book is literally explosive: he explains, with the support of evidence, that Israeli authorities condoned grenade attacks against the Jews and the synagogues of Baghdad, to herd the Jews and push them to emigrate in Israel, in the early 50's. It was known, but rather vaguely. Here are all the available files of this black file. It shows that Zionists never hesitate to commit massacres oneveryone, including Jews, when they see fit. The difficulties encountered by the author are then easy to understand but Giladi's strong dedication to truth overcame them.


Thanks to Heliogabalus for the recommendation & link.

Sulfurous Pamphleteer



Eric Laurent-1
Eric Laurent-2

Le site officiel d'Eric Laurent, grand reporter, ecrivain et editeur

Thursday, November 13, 2008

L'empire sans dessous

Election de Nicolas Sarkozy par Marc-Edouard Nabe
Nouvelle France

Political blasphemy

Lebanese President Lahoud Interview with the BBC
Affirmative reaction







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