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Friday, February 29, 2008

mollusk level of consciousness

At least Adolph Hitler knew how to run a crowd and make a speech.
What is absolute about George Bush, is the pathetic expression he provokes and expresses in everything he does

the tool who is responsible for the death of about a milion Iraqis

Because it is impossible to call for the physical elimination of the most powerful political scumbag in history, that is exactly what i am going to do.
I am calling on God to separate his brain from his rectal cavity, therefore ending his despicable life which is costing so much to the real world.

Bush press conference

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Banana republic Manicheanism

9/11's trainer in terrorism was an FBI informant
Peter Dale Scott


Cancer should be ashamed of himself

He doesn't have the killing rate he used to

"It turned out to be the most natural job transition i ever had...."
Tony Snow former White Press secretary. Comedy Central's Colbert Report February 27, 2008

Indeed..., from working as a propaganda tool for the Fix network, to becoming George Bush's personal Monika

Rimbaud-Une saison en enfer

Max Ernst-Patrick Valberg

The right to kill

his life & career is an apology for murder

God has to punish this man by sending a Christian serial killer to hack him in two, then we can organize collective pilgrimage to go and take a piss on his tomb

Sunday, February 17, 2008

The Senator & the Princess of toads

One ugly lying bitch who's in desperate need for a dental work

Not only Condi is spewing feces each & every time she opens her filthy mouth, but she does act like a little turd

Barbara Boxer giving an enema to Bush's dominatrix

Condi, your petty piano skills are not going to protect you from war crimes prosecution. Someday, you will hang from a pole, or rot in a dirty cell for the rest of your despicable life, you mean little lying sack of shit.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

One Black brother who gives me the blues. Latest episode

Black messiah or Doctor Snake Oil

Holding Barack Obama accountable


Constitutional protection for doctor-assisted murder

This is one load I wish his mother had swallowed

Pigs can fly, they can also indulge in prostitution

National Lawyers Guild calls for Scalia
to recuse himself on torture

A glance at Scalia controversies
By The Associated Press

A glance at incidents or comments involving Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia that prompted calls for him to step aside in individual Supreme Court cases.

2006: While a case about detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, is pending before the Supreme Court, Scalia tells a Swiss audience that the U.S. Constitution does not protect foreigners held at Guantanamo's military prison. Scalia ignores a request from five retired U.S. generals that he withdraw from the case. Scalia eventually dissents from a ruling that extends some rights to the detainees.

2004: Scalia goes duck hunting with Vice President Dick Cheney while the court is considering Cheney's request to keep private the details of closed-door White House strategy sessions on an energy policy. He rejects arguments that his impartiality was compromised by the hunting trip and is part of a 7-2 decision effectively keeping the meetings private.

2003: Scalia speaks at a rally sponsored by the Knights of Columbus in Virginia to denounce attacks on the Pledge of Allegiance when a challenge to the pledge was pending before the court. Scalia says that the effort to remove God from the Pledge of Allegiance was "contrary to our whole tradition." He decides not to take part in the case.

2000: Scalia is part of a 5-4 ruling in the Florida recount case that seals George W. Bush's presidential victory. Some Democrats had called for him to step aside from the case because his son, Eugene, worked at the same firm as Bush's top Supreme Court lawyer, Theodore Olson.

1996: Scalia, speaking at Catholic University, says there is no right to die in the Constitution, as the court was weighing the issue of physician-assisted suicide. He had previously expressed the same view in a 1990 opinion. Scalia was part of a unanimous ruling in 1997 that there is no constitutional protection for doctor-assisted suicide.

Cheney should take associate justice Antonin grease balls on a hunting trip, and do what he does best on such occasion, shoot his guest in the face

Friday, February 15, 2008

Dysfunctional psychotherapy

Lieberman backs waterboarding
"It's not like we're burning people with
hot coals"

The onetime Democratic vice presidential running mate who became an independent to fend off a liberal challenger in Connecticut stumped for waterboarding in a conference call with reporters late Thursday, saying it wasn't as bad as burning people with hot coals. "We are at war," Lieberman said. "I know enough from public statements made by Osama bin Laden and others as well as classified information I see to know the terrorists are actively planning, plotting to attack us again. I want our government to be able to gather information again within both the law and Geneva Convention." Lieberman asserted that waterboarding isn't torture because it leaves no "permanent damage." "It is not like putting burning coals on people's bodies. The person is in no real danger. The impact is psychological," Lieberman said. "We have to allow the president to allow the toughest measures to be used when there is an imminent threat to our country," Lieberman added. "If we've got somebody that we think can tell us where a nuclear bomb is planted in an American city, then I want the president to be able to authorize that to be used."

The full article, in the Connecticut Post, is available here.

Of course he does, what do you expect from that Judeo-Nazi homicidal sack of shit. This is someone who has an erection every time he mentions & suggests a preemptive nuclear attack on Iran, and wet dreams about millions of dead Iranians. Lieberman would have supported Hitler, if instead of his Austrian nationality, the schizophrenic dictator were born a US citizen

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Be afraid, be very afraid

he who pretends America occupies the moral highground

As we speak, at this moment somewhere in the world. someone is planning to exterminate Americans. Between two fecal sandwiches,The next President of the United States took the time to try to scare the shit out of the idiotic American public. Once again the exploitation of terror was on the menu, and the semi-senile dirtbag from Arizona did his best at raising the level of hysteria, in regard to the potential terrorism threat on his country. what a pathetic sight of that mass murdering son of a bitch, who has spent most of his time barking at the moon and crying wolf, while in the meantime slaughtering hundreds of thousands of individuals throughout the Middle East.

The ambivalent attraction of torture

Some may actually enjoy it

McCain votes against waterboarding ban

What a surprise....McCain always pretended having been the victim of torture at the hands of North Vietnamese, I guess that was the best he could find to justify himself, for taking part in North Vietnamese propaganda against his own country, and for homicidal scumbags like John McCain, Torture is only reprehensible when apply to what is considered human by Wasp standards.
John, you twisted sick son of a bitch, which part of torture did you enjoyed the most. The electric shock or the "old school" butt fuck ?

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Diarrheal escapism

Supreme Court, snuff justice & Enema mass-marketing

The man you are about to hear in this interview, is a catholic, an associate justice for the United States Supreme court, and a Conservative toad who is supposed to represent an impeccable intellectual clarity, and the archetype of moral & ethical superiority

powered by ODEO

Monday, February 11, 2008

The art of disruptive Diplomacy for Genital herpes

Rome must be be Rome.....

Lieberman Sends Nuclear Note to Executive Branch

Sen. Joe Lieberman, in his capacity as chairman of the Senate’s Homeland Security Committee, has assigned gloomy homework to 16 federal agencies, asking them for full descriptions of their preparations in case of a nuclear device detonating on U.S. soil. It’s the nightmare scenario, terrorists importing a nuclear weapon and setting it off in an American city. So, the agencies will soon be receiving a letter from Lieberman and ranking Republican Sen. Susan Collins, asking them to answer a series of questions. The purpose of the six questions, some in multiple parts, is “to assist the committee in determining the current state of the nation’s operational readiness to protect the people of the United States from nuclear terrorism and to carry out critical response missions in the event of the detonation of a nuclear device in the United States.”The letter also includes this cheery passage: “The effects of a nuclear attack on the United States are almost beyond comprehension. Even if we only consider the impact that a relatively small 10-kiloton nuclear device would have on a city center, the devastation would be catastrophic. From the epicenter of the blast to a distance of approximately one-third of a mile, every structure would be destroyed and virtually no one would be left alive.”“While our primary goal must be the prevention of such an attack,” the letter points out, “we must also prepare for the eventuality that a determined terrorist may succeed despite our best efforts.”

The latest development into the tragico-grotesque crisis in regard to Iran, is so reminiscent of the American nature, and their glutenous appetite for war they cannot win, and the American destructive penchant for anything that can momentarily lift them out of their hysteria. Once again senatorial ass clown, Joe Lieberman, the chairman of the "I don't fucking get it" syndrome committee. is proving that what he is lacking in intelligence, he more than makes up for in stupidity. The loud mouthed half-witted decrepited scarecrow, is once again trying to bang the tree of reality, with his usual marketing of suffering, rhetoric of persecution and victimization, to justify a potential military intervention against a sovereign nation.
Go fuck yourself Joe, and please try to stop to breath

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Totaler Krieg

Freedom through war, more freedom requires more wars

John Mc Cain speaking at the republican party convention on the radicalization of war, the need for the American people to consider & accept the notion of having more wars in the near future, because according to Mc Cain mathematics, more coming wars is an undeniable fact.

Queen of sleaze

When dirty politics Snuff freedom of speech

You have an "indignatio impetus" directed at the wrong issue, Hillary. Who gives a shit about who is pimping who in the Clinton family, you menopausal fruitcake. Your husband was a pathetic jack-rabbit, he got blown in the oval office, lied about it ,and had to lie again in order to cover the lie, yourself have been twisting, distorting the truth about almost everything that comes out of your mouth, and today you are the one who is supposed to tell others the boundaries of decency. Your daughter is not off limit, the moment she gets into the public arena, and finds herself personally involved in your political campaign, doing whatever she can to have you elected. Like any other Washington politicians, i knew you were a despicable hypocritical dirt bag, but you just confirmed that there is a strong appetite for excessiveness. What about the freedom of speech ?, are you planning to go after John Mc Cain as well, because of his personal crude joke from which your daughter is also subject ?. Are you going after Bill Maher, John stewart and others, for ridiculing the utterly corrupted & idiotic political scumbags. A journalist finds himself suspended, because he made a comment about your daughter....Where is the "democratic" principle of tolerance....because we cannot actually expect you to demonstrate any sense of humour, in regard to anything that may concern your holy family. The French rubles once famously reacted to similar institutionalized behavior.... You & the rest of the dismissive elitist politician class, have yet to face an exposure with humility & reality. You have a superiority complex that is not justified.

In the dirty & musky swamps of politics, coming across mediocre, dysfunctional, disingenuous hypocritical slugs is a deed, but you certainly are expressing a remarkable uniqueness.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Au régal des vermines

Nicolas Sarkozy, Falsification de l'histoire, caricature du pouvoir, et la
complaisance dont il fait preuve, face cette odeur de merde qui lui est caracteritique.

Sarkofascisme. les criminels se cachent dans le manteau des accusateurs

Friday, February 8, 2008

Left without flushing

Dept of state: McCain not eligible to be president?

7 FAM 1116.1-4 Not Included in the Meaning of "In the United States" (TL:CON-64; 11-30-95)
a. A U.S.-registered or documented ship on the high seas or in the exclusive economic zone is not considered to be part of the United States. A child born on such a vessel does not acquire U.S. citizenship by reason of the place of birth (Lam Mow v. Nagle, 24 F.2d 316 (9th Cir., 1928)).

b. A U.S.-registered aircraft outside U.S. airspace is not considered to be part of U.S. territory. A child born on such an aircraft outside U.S. airspace does not acquire U.S. citizenship by reason of the place of birth.

c. Despite widespread popular belief, U.S. military installations abroad and U.S. diplomatic or consular facilities are not part of the United States within the meaning of the 14th Amendment. A child born on the premises of such a facility is not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States and does not acquire U.S. citizenship by reason of birth.

No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President -- The Constitution of the United States, Article II Section

State Department

In torture we trust

on the institutionalization of atrocity

(illustration Ryan Brown)

The controversial interrogation technique of waterboarding was a hot topic in a House Judiciary Committee hearing today, at which Attorney General Michael Mukasey said the Justice Department would not investigate the legality of the actions of U.S. interrogators on terror detainees. CNN's Situation Room reports that Vice President Dick Cheney, an ardent defender of U.S. tactics in the war on terror, was "defiant" about the use of waterboarding on suspects in an appearance today at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington, D.C. Cheney said that he supported President Bush's national security decisions, which included the approval of waterboarding along with other harsh interrogation tactics. "I've been proud to stand by [Bush], by the decisions he's made," said Cheney, who then asked aloud, "Would I support those decisions today?", "You're damn right I would," he answered himself, to loud cheers.

"Blessed is the man who endures temptation, and the mouth of the just shall meditate wisdom".

Dick Cheney is far from being such man...., Congratulations Dick, you have just confessed of being guilty of crime against humanity, under & subject to the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

The power of garbage

Weapon of mass cretinization

"men are so simple & so much creatures of circumstance, that the
deceiver will always find someone ready to be deceived"

Modern history sourcebook

The Jewish state, an attempt at a solution of the Jewish question
By Theodor Herzl.
Foreword by Chaim Weizman


Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Death cult polemics

If there is one mother fucker you may label as anti-Semite, this pedophiliac penis sniffer is the one

Pope nixes reference to Jews blindness over Jesus in prayer
By Reuters

Pope Benedict has ordered changes to a Latin prayer for Jews at Good Friday services by traditionalist Catholics, deleting a reference to their "blindness" over Christ, the Vatican said on Tuesday. The Vatican newspaper l'Osservatore Romano published the new version of the prayer in Latin and said it should be used by the traditionalist minority starting this Good Friday, March 21. Apart from the deletion of the word "blindness," the new prayer also removes a phrase that asked God to "remove the veil from their hearts". But the new prayer hopes that Jews will recognize Christ. Jewish groups had protested against the old prayer and had asked the Pope to change it. According to an unofficial translation from Latin, the new prayer says in part: "Let us also pray for the Jews. So that God our Lord enlightens their hearts so that they recognize Jesus Christ savior of all men." It also asks God that "all Israel be saved." Jewish groups complained last year when the Pope issued a decree allowing a wider use of the old-style Latin Mass and a missal, or prayer book, that was phased out after the reforms of the Second Vatican Council, which met from 1962 to 1965. Good Friday is the day Christians commemorate Christ's death. Only some several hundred thousand traditionalists follow the old-style Latin rite and will use the Latin prayer. The overwhelming number of the world's some 1.1 billion Catholics attend mass in their local languages. They would use a post-Second Vatican Council missal, which includes a Good Friday prayer for Jews which asks that they "arrive at the fullness of redemption". Benedict's decree, issued on July 7, authorized wider use of the old Latin missal, a move which traditionalist Catholics had demanded for decades but which Jews and other Christian groups said could set back inter-religious dialogue. Implementation of the decree has been difficult. The Pope's number two, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, said recently the Vatican was preparing a document on how it should be introduced around the world. Before the Second Vatican Council, Catholic mass and prayers were full of elaborate ritual led in Latin. Many traditionalists missed the Latin rite's sense of mystery and the centuries-old Gregorian chant that went with it. Some denounced Council reforms that included a repudiation of the notion of collective Jewish guilt for Christ's death and urged dialogue with all other faiths.

This disgusting former Nazi party member is someone who simply can't stop impersonating Mel Gibson

I told you so.....

The can of worms is cracking up

In a work of history that will make headlines, New York Times reporter Philip Shenon investigates the investigation of 9/11 and tells the inside story of most important federal commission since the the Warren Commission. Shenon uncovers startling new information about the inner workings of the 9/11 commission and its relationship with the Bush White House. The Commission will change our understanding of the 9/11 investigation -- and of the attacks themselves.

Individuals like myself who 5 years ago came out with this information, and many others, were labeled as conspiracy theorists......(despite being outside the realms of "loonies", and armed with a Master of political sciences, and an extensive understanding of geopolitics & history),I guess you may call me a crystal gazer from now

Monday, February 4, 2008

Leibowitz on Zionism

Zionism & Judeo-Nazism

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Buffoons in high places, When grotesque overshadows mediocrity

Anatomy of the most harmful pseudo-intellectual farce of the century


What is remarkable and unique with Neo-Conservatism, is that it reflects such impeccable crass ignorance of the real world, an extraordinary culturally archaic intrapsychic mediocrity, a profound disinhibition of instincts and impulses attended by a sense of confidence, exhiliration, exuberance. and hyper emotional expression of irrational thoughts. Neo Conservatism is nothing more than the byproduct of former boorish neo-Trotskyists menstruation climacteric crisis.

Cspan2 stream

The official policy of moral leprosy,

showcasing political vermin at its best

America is an antisocial adolescent's wet dream. Populated by intellectually limited, superstitious individuals with fractured psyches, short attention spans, and a penchant for anything that can momentarily lift them out of their ignorant & childish understanding of the world. America loves to pretend to be the unique world leading democracy (and which electoral process gave the world, the Bush-Cheney can of worms...). It is a hyper radical & emotional society that worships false moral certainties, and excels at recycling every type of phantasies, fairy tales, mythologies inventions and creations known to primates. A society that cannot deal with particular challenge without resorting to emotional hysteria, and whose psycho-sociological pathology almost always leads to a reassuring exaltation of superiority & uniqueness. A society whose perception of itself, is as self deceptive as ridiculous, in its ideological simplicity.

And this is the reason, they are degenerate enough to throw down our throats, these Nazi like characters at the dawn of the 21th century

Saturday, February 2, 2008

The deontology according to maggot

Some of us certainly used to believe that, Christopher Hitchens was that paper-pusher for vanity Fair magazine, & neo-conservative pundit-puppet. Well, it turns out, he was in fact the excremental Maggot interchangeable with private Lyndie England, who got caught masturbating with an album of Abu Ghraib tortures photos inside Condi rice's bathroom, at the State Department.

There is one thing that piss me off, more than anything. It is when Hitchens starts one of his debate or lecture with, Ladies & Gentlemen, "Brothers & Sisters.....". The sight of that obscene chubby gaseous deformity, is powerful enough to induces bowels movements, but fortunately his melodious voice & lovely accent, always act as the deterrent, which prevents me from punching my eyes with the sharpest pencil around. Hitchens is the pathetic, but eloquent decoction of exotic bile whose capacity to preserve himself from total rottenness, is due to his ability to pickle himself into his own liquid inconsistency. I always find particularly disgusting his attempt at rationalizing the US military mass slaughter of Iraqi civilians. For his tireless effort at undermining & dismissing the million dead Iraqis, he deserves nothing but the profoundest contempt.

Hitchen's pseudo intellectualism is a bitter representation of his sheer mediocrity and profound insecurity, for which no remedy exists, unless laughter can be said to remedy anything. He is that war mongering vermin, latest blood soaked ambassador of the Pax Americana, who achieves near sexual gratification at dispensing crash course on liberty & freedom, American style, while also having being personally involved in the diffusion of the Bush mental illness, who's legacy is a major contribution to the rehabilitation of Adolf Hitler. Hitchens is the case that reminds us, that under particular circumstance, sexual intercourse without preservative should be made illegal. He is the moral atheistic equivalent of a colostomy bag.

Go fuck yourself Mr Hitchens, you dogmatic dismissive elitist nitwit. Ironically what comes out of your mouth has the same smell of what comes out of your rectum.

The beauty of complexity of semantics

an esoteric journey into the fussy world of torture methodologies

Senate Judiciary Cmte. Hearing on Justice Dept. Oversight
Attorney General Michael Mukasey at a Justice Dept. Oversight hearing.

Cspan video stream

Friday, February 1, 2008

Moral ambivalence in the age of the reign of banality of evil

tell me why, those responsible, are not hanging from the poles

This is the latest survey which follows the previous study led by Johns Hopkins University and the Lancet medical journal in 2006, and which conclusion is an irrefutable condamnation of the insane criminality of the US military invasion of Iraq. Considering that the world had to stop on its own axe, as the result of the death of 2700 individuals on 11 September 2001, what is the world going to do in regard to the criminal depravity and genocidal thirst of the Bush administration, and the support it received from US senate-congress and a large majority of the American public (then....., before the glorious military invasion turned into a fucking disaster). What is the litmus test in regard to war crimes, crimes against humanity ?. Is this crypto-Nazi American administration immune from any type of accountability & prosecution, for the mass slaughter of about a million individuals, the systematic destruction of a sovereign nation & its infrastrutures, the use of bio-chemical weapons, depleted Uranium, and its targeting upon civilian population. Again, this pathetically reminds us that, some among mankind are effectually exempted from the protection of the rules of laws & the International institutions. But is that a news ?....

US Invasion And Occupation Killed One Million In Iraq
More than one million Iraqis dead since 2003 invasion

More than one million Iraqis have died because of the war in Iraq since the US-led invasion of the country in 2003, according to a study published Wednesday. A fifth of Iraqi households lost at least one family member between March 2003 and August 2007 due to the conflict, said data compiled by London-based Opinion Research Business (ORB) and its research partner in Iraq, the Independent Institute for Administration and Civil Society Studies (IIACSS). The study based its findings on survey work involving the face-to-face questioning of 2,414 Iraqi adults aged 18 or above, and the last complete census in Iraq in 1997, which indicated a total of 4.05 million households. Respondents were asked how many members of their household, if any, had died as a result of the violence in the country since 2003, and not because of natural causes. "We now estimate that the death toll between March 2003 and August 2007 is likely to have been in the order of 1,033,000," ORB said in a statement. The margin of error for the survey was 1.7 percent, making the estimated range between 946,000 and 1.12 million fatalities. The highest rate of deaths throughout the country occurred in Baghdad, where more than 40 percent of households had lost a family member. According to a July 2007 estimate by the United States, Iraq's population is around 27 million. The country has been wracked by conflict since the March 2003 invasion which deposed dictator Saddam Hussein, with United Nations estimates putting the number of displaced people from the conflict at more than four million, nearly half of which have fled to neighbouring countries. A small number of those refugees have begun returning to Iraq -- around 20,000 arrived from Syria in December -- the Iraqi Red Crescent said earlier this month, suggesting an improved security situation.







The Intellect is Not a Serious Thing, and Never Has Been. It is An Instrument on Which one Plays, That is All

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