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Thursday, August 30, 2007

Norman Mailer "Long view"

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Queen size Senator

GOP toilet sex,Where the ooze meets the slime

Of course you are not Gay, you don't have to be one, to enjoy buggering or getting buggered by other men, all you have to do is being bisexual, those lucky sons of bitches who can play both sides of the coin. Of course homosexuality is not the issue, nobody should care about what ends up at the extremity of your penis, or if it is you, who ends up at the receiving end of someone's penis. What matters is your hypocrisy, you filthy lying sack of shit, because of your social & political stances on homosexuality, and because of your particular position & power within the political establishment of American society, you made the lives of millions of homosexuals, miserable. I hope this incident will make yours miserable as well.

A Gay friend of mine who died from aids in 1986, once told me, "once a fag, always a fag, nothing i can do about it, nothing i have to feel ashamed about. I was born as a Gay, lived as a Gay, and will die as one". And it is because of your visceral & intense hatred towards Gays, that i call you a fag Senator, for someone like yourself, this is the ultimate insult. The shame is not about the individual sexual gratification of getting "mounted", or "mounting" someone, it is the psychological inability to accept the gratification itself. Feeling ashamed for feeling good...I hope the rest of your life will taste like shit, Ass to mouth cock breathing Senator.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The lesser side of fat and big idiocy

Never misunderestimate the size of the moron market

Ok democrats, you are screwed, and i am restraining my terminology here. This is the best you've got to put against god's favorite rubes. The little comedian with an ego interchangeable with Bill O Reilly's. At least that leaves Franken safe from the accusation, of being into Wall Street & big business pockets, the guy is already too busy with the DNC's pockets. Frankly, Al Franken sucks so much, that if he could suck even more, he wouldn't be able to inhale his own ego. I am waiting for you, fucking spineless democrats to try to rationalize someone like Franken, who makes a living by doing the same thing he accuses others to do...I know god works in mysterious way. There is synchronicity between shit enthusiasts. Washington Politicians, Isn't amazing how cheap they can make them, these days ?. Talking about expectation, a lot of unnecessary shouting and swearing, and Karl Rove won't be around to get all the blame. As long as you present worthless little candidates deserving nothing but the profoundest contempt, you'll be at the receiving end of the painful sexual intercourse.

But there is equity in the land of the braves, Bush & Cheney have a couple of "Whiteys", you have yours...The religious right freaks have their sacrosanctity, you have Holy Hillary. And just like Al Franken, Look Ma, i can touch myself.

Torture Boy is fair game

After the rats, it's the pigs turn, to jump off
the ship

"After having being drawn into the mud", Lying general of the justice department resigns. Another sad day for America, The republican party's favorite wet back is going back home.
Vamos muchachos....

Monday, August 27, 2007

Eugenics somebody

Is it more criminal to let that old criminally insane senile live, or to hang him to the nearest lamppost.

The fascist Zionist ass clown Norman Podhoretz in his latest vicious discharge of verbal diarrhea, is publicly calling for the US to launch an offensive first strike attack on Iran. The psychopathic pig faced senile has apparently never heard of international laws, nor does he care. Podhoretz even brags of having personally asked president George Bush to bomb Iran. Asked about Bush 's reaction,Podohretz responded,: "he was very non-committal, but he didn't say no (laughts....)". How entertaining indeed, the very idea of nuking a country, and Iran in particular, This is the kind of humor you might expect from a gelatinous mass of vomit on legs, such as Podhoretz. In the face of such genocidal pornography, makes you wonder, if Adolph Hitler and Podoretz's father were not sharing the same condom. Norman, i just want to tear your ears off and shove em up your anus, so that you can hear me kick your ass, you worthless degenerated piece of human waste.

Can i also have my minute of insanity, and call for the assassination of someone like Podhoretz who is publicly advocating the extermination of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of peoples.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

Les coulisses of deception

Nixon and Kissinger: Partners in power, determination in political treachery & hidden agendas

A fascinating study of the dysfunctional relationship between the sycophantic & Fascistic Jew and the American president who hated Jews as much as he was fond of alcoholic beverages.

Eschewing the birth canal

i hate him because, he gave us Atheists a real bad

I can hear the voices saying, "Hitchens hates everything and religion, because he looks like shit... The guy is having a problem with the conception of life itself".

Hitchens love for woman genitalia is not reciprocal. At least his own mother's birth canal had an obvious problem with him, but that's not supposed to qualify you, as the hammer of secularism.

My kind of filth

only difference is, i am not supposed to be the Conservative Republican official media Tampax

This Greg Gutfeld character looks like a scraggy glans and every time he opens his mouth, it does indeed smell like ten cocks breath. He has an inferiority complex and it is fully justified.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Richard Perle, Prince of toads

Can we toss him into a cage of dozen starving hyenas where he belongs

I came across this video-clip of Richard Perle in 1986, where as assistant secretary of defense, he was already doing what he does best, lying as much as possible while displaying amazing burst of self-righteous demagogy. Perle is one delusional lying sack of shit, who loves to prattle about democracy & American values, while promoting & polishing the most hysterical guides to contemporary war mongering & genocidal scheming.

Perle is one of those grotesque monstrosities infecting the American political system, a dark figure lackey of Zionist lobbies and war profiteering corporations, an arch neo-con extremist political ideologue, who reigns over a little clique of complete lunatics, who call themselves Neo conservatives. Someone who relishes in accusing of anti-Semitism, those critical of his political objectivity & moral integrity, just like in 1970, while working for Senator Henry “Scoop” Jackson, Richard Perle was caught by the FBI giving classified information to Israel......Well Richard you may certainly call me anti-Zionist, and i certainly won't feel offended by it, "bien au contraire".
Perle and his ilk, are infectious organisms, gangrenous tissues on the fabric of modern democracy, He & his asylum of murderous reptilian conspiracy theorists, must be relegated to an acid and gaseous septic tank, and submitted to excremental decomposition.

Perle and his circle of hate-filled certified failures are already responsible for the death of hundreds of thousands of individuals, and apparently they have no intention of putting a stop to their exuberant celebration of death & destruction, what is the world waiting for ?, and where are those terrorists when we need them.....
Am i sinister ?, you bet...

Thursday, August 23, 2007

The little brown Lady of the concentration camp

The one with the wrong skin complexion, and the dreams....

How do you think this self loathing little brown political prostitute would do, in an environment where her heroine Ilsa prevails.... Would she be accepted among the master race, or relegated among her peers, the unworthy suspicious subhumans with the wrong ethnical background (if you follow her own despicable racist rhetorics). Miss Maglalang, you cannot buy yourself the right genetical heritage, you can certainly momentarily take away that peculiar cheap "thing" out of your face, with a lot of make up, you may try to escape the slums of Manila, but the smell is always there...Chase the natural,
its comes right back at you with a vengeance..

The fuzzy deontology of barbarians

I never knew men who had better motives &
justifications for all the atrocities they

Following the speech from the American genocidal presidential nitwit in chief (thus spake the absolute idiot) , and his absurd analogy of Vietnam and Iraq. No you didn't get out of Vietnam before the job was done, the Vietnamese kicked the shit out of you, and you America, and nobody else, is responsible for the millions who died as a result of your military invasion.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Swines & Nukes

You people are out of your fucking mind, You want to take on Iran, while you can't even deal with a bunch of ragtags in Iraq. Why don't you make my day
and make a move on Iran, and i hope they actually have a couple of nukes to drop on your precious army of baby killers, who are so busy mass slaughtering people across Mesopotamia. you people are certainly too dumb to be let to breath...

Robert Baer, "See no evil" "Sleeping with the Devil"

Or the case of the CIA cowboy who secretly dreams of sleeping with the enemy

Thanks to the overwhelming power of intellectual dishonesty of Prolific author of "See no evil" and "Sleeping with the Devil", Robert Baer, exuberance of questionable reasoning, overwhelms unbridled hyperbole. Robert Baer has become a notorious public figure, he is the former CIA agent who became unbridledly vocal and critical of the CIA and its Middle Eastern geopolitics, after being drawn into a situation in which he was forced to resign from the Central Intelligence Agency in 1997......It's like men don't know their own self-interest.

Reading Baer's book was an amazing exercise of intellectual confusion, obviously Bauer enjoyed his career as a CIA operative until he lost his job.....then he became atonable to the truth. Bauer is a man of fuzzy rhetoric's & of questionable memory, he mentioned Ahmed Chalabi frequently while being miraculously silent on the criminal nature of the Pentagon & white house's favorite disinformation Tongue-in-cheek. In the same context of mental confusion, everytime the papier mache version of a secret agent appears on a TV studio, the exposure to his disingenuous cherry picking & inconsistencies, reminds us that intellectual confusion & deceptive acrimony is the last refuge for former covert operation sweet hearts.

Still i was surprised, when i saw Baer on The Doha debates, supporting the idea that "only another dictator can end the violence in Iraq", yet turning the disastrous American invasion into the greatest pseudo-justification of his unjustifiable position, while having been himself the arm of Washington & Langley politics of removal & destabilization of Saddam Husein, for decades.

Monday, August 20, 2007

He who midwived the worst president in American history

One of those case for mandatory

Bald Porky doing what he does best, with a Texan twist.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

A monument to bottom-feeding

The greatest active senile in office, or one of the worst lying sack of shit ever

If you lay down with dogs, you wake up with fleas, if you get close to Mc Cain, you expose yourself to moral leprosy. Even pathological lying dirtbags like George Bush, cannot stand you, and avoid you, Senator. And did I mention you smell?.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

The bonfires of scatological epistemology

or how i learn to loathe the high priests of moral clarification

Is it naivete or wickedness that Friedrich Nietzsche had in mind, when he wrote "What is bad? Everything that is born of weakness".

The reason for invading Iraq, was to remove a cruel dictator from power, and to bring the universal lights of freedom & democracy to the Middle East.

From a non-Iraqi perspective, the premise of deciding what is good for the Iraqi people, is not naivete, it is arrogance & intellectual adventurism, but remains a pretty safe enterprise, since those who endorse that type of moral authority, will never have to bear responsibility, and cannot be held accountable for the consequences of their twisted logic. All of that at the expense of the Iraqi people......

Holier than thou, the mysterious process of humanism through extermination, the need to slaughter en masse free loving Iraqis in a first stage, in order to provide them with the tenets & precepts of democratic society. Sounds American enough to you....

To espouse the value of holding Iraqis accountable for the crimes of their leaders, is essentially to perpetuate the positivist exaltation of "retro-altruism," of surrendering the mass for the good of few. Quite a "tour de force".

Snuff politics

wish you were here....Blondie

In late June, Auschwitz escaped drag queen Ann Coulter, was on ABC's "Good Morning America", and declared she "had learned her lesson" after being blasted for making a joke before the Conservative Political Action Conference ,that John Edwards was a "faggot". Not that i particularly hold a deep affection for Edward, he is indeed like most of democrats, a good for nothing pussy talking little demagogue. "If I'm gonna say anything about John Edwards in the future, I'll just wish he had been killed in a terrorist assassination plot,"Coulter said. Good for you, you little pathetic shit spewing gaseous infected cunt.

Frankly Ann darling, if you could sucked even more you would inhale your own rectum and feel good about it, and talking about rectum, They really ruined a perfect one when they put teeth in your mouth. But insult for insult, You don't even want to know what i have in mind for you darling, it may involve either one of the following items.

a pair of handcuffs
a chainsaw
a baseball bat
a violent forced probing of rectal cavity
play with the participation of hall of fame's serial killers
an unmarked grave in the hills of Northern Georgia
an audio-video recording
the reproduction, distribution and diffusion of the original footage for educational purpose

And the issue of pissing upon your unmarked grave is optional...and totally subject to a artistic interpretation.

Friday, August 17, 2007

Originally a slug who managed to rise to military prominence

Not a Nixon, but a Mixon who can still manage to present himself as one remarkable lying sack of shit

Confronting Israeli racism

From a presidential perspective, and with an

I was never particularly fond of Jacques Chirac, but it is difficult to ignore his personal courage & deep conviction for the respect & dignity of minorities. During an official visit to the state of Israel, and while visiting the old city of Jerusalem, he witnessed the brutality & violence of Israeli security forces towards the Arabs shop owners & bystanders who wanted to salute & shake hands with the French president. He could not hold his outrage & bursted in anger to the Israeli security official in charge of security detail. The next day during a visit to Gaza & Ramallah, he is received like a hero by the Palestinians, whom have descended in masse in the street to welcome him. Years later on a triumphal official visit to Algeria, he toured the Kasbah (an Algiers neighbourhood of very tough reputation) on foot with only few bodyguards and is acclaimed by the local population, who rushed to shake his hands & thank him for being "un homme juste avec les Arabes". The contrast with Prince George Bush the idiot, who needs at least 13,000 local policemen on top of his own security detail (of hundreds...) to completely sealed off an area of Bangkok where he is spending a couple of hours....

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fuck you America

and fuck the terrorists too....

Latest news from the "democratized" Middle East. As far as 500 died in the latest terrorist attack in Iraq, meanwhile the giggling blood soaking little clown president, is vacationing in his family estate. Do you feel safer, and you Uncle Osama, do you feel threaten by the mightiest military forces in human history. Every single day, the number of casualties gets higher thanks to America's lust for bad & funky testosterone, and that peculiar taste for war & destruction, as long as the casualty doesn't belong to god's chosen people. The world had to stop spinning because of the 9/11 attacks, and since then, the fogy whining has given birth to a particular sense of martyrdom among the largest concentration of shit for brain on the planet.

History is already judging the crimes of the US government in regard to the illegal and shameful military intervention in Iraq, and the role played by the military in this infamy, more than a half a million lives have been lost, out of the 25-26 million official Iraqi population, if this is not a genocide, we may have to rehabilitate the memory of the Nuremberg gang, and set them on the same "freedom lover" status as American idiotic president George Bush. we don't have to ask you Americans, How can you sleep at night, because we are already aware of the fact that the most Christian nation on earth, after the Vatican, is a country in which people have an equally amazing appetite for psychotronic drugs, as they have for religious garbage. And thanks to Viagra, getting an erection isn't reserved to situations in which you have the possibility to torture and abuse smarmy sand-niggers, while your fellow white trash in uniform is getting a piece of the action on film, for later prosperity.

I think it is fair to say, that i had enough, i can only speak for myself, but i don't give a damn about Americans casualties, and the number of coffins invisible to the grand public. You wanted your war, had it and now you are finding yourself in a situation in which the possibility of getting fucked, is equal to the ability you have to fuck others. You fucked with the bull, you've got the horns....suffer in silence America, and don't forget to fuck yourself on your way back.

And you, the terrorists, whoever you are, whatever twisted mental sickness motivates you. You believe that killing 500 of your fellows countrymen gives you a ticket to heaven, where an army of virgins awaits you to please your sexuality for eternity, i have some news for you. You may take a look at those Abu Graib videos, because this is what is waiting for you, up there, and you better get used to have your anal cavity probed by foreign object, because the virgins who are waiting for you, are all wearing strap on....You murderous sons of bitches.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Foolish myths about Al Qaida in Mesopotamia

yes indeed, when one's own credibility becomes such an issue of embarrassment, looking like shit becomes the diversion

People often tell me, why do you care what Hitchens does, nobody cares about what this pathological lying gobbler says anyway...but i couldn't resist to comment, after reading the latest manifestation of gastro-intestinal infection from the Grand toad of contrarian journalism.
It is not that i care that much about what people had for lunch, prior to write an article, but in Hitchens case, and in its defense, i was wondering if the world really does look different when you look at it through the bottom of a whiskey bottle. Witnessing the desperate attempt from Washington pro-war blowhard Christopher Hitchens at making Zarqawi a part of the Saddam Hussein Iraqi geophysical landscape. The only problem is, and hitchens is oddly silent of this, that Zarqawi was indeed in Iraq, but in a region not under the control of Saddam Hussein, a northern part of Iraq controlled by a Kurdish faction which also served as a haven for yet another Kurdish Islamist terrorists group. Ansar al-Islam. Everybody is supposed to be aware of that....(and an area known as the no-flight zone).

"He was in Iraq before we were", writes Hitchens, next we will probably get another scoop from Hitchens, telling us that Zarqawi was so closed to Saddam Hussein, that they used to bang the same chicks, after all and according to Washington circus geopoliticians & intelligence experts, Zarqawi was Osama Bin Laden ambassador to Saddam Hussein. even suggesting that before the invasion, U.S. intelligence reported that Zarqawi had his leg amputated in a Baghdad hospital after being wounded fighting American forces in Afghanistan. This allegation was part of Secretary of State Colin Powell's presentation to the U.N, but later on, a senior U.S. official declared that the allegation had been called into question, Zarqawi was still believed to have received medical treatment in Baghdad, but for gonorrhea.... Islamo-Fascists and Queers share something in common, promiscuity. That's what makes them enemies of values Americans.

I wish i could get bored of writing about Hitchens, the Grand prophet of activist atheism, hammer of religion and great protector of the Kurds, the last rempart of freedom writing before the dark plague of Islamo-Fascism. The man who called Henry Kissinger a bloody war criminal , and Ronald Reagan an idiot, yet the same man who doesn't mind milking the fat & cumbersome penis of the American military industrial complex on one hand, and for ideological purposes, with the other one, servicing the absolute imbecile's inflatable testicles.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Summer of love

Sad day for America. Faggy love cannot prevent rats from deserting the ship.

But good for you Karl, from now you'll have much more time to meet the second male love of your life, the semi-senile Prince of closet douche bag, Robert Novak.

The Israeli lobby

The Israeli lobby and it's impact on US forreign policy.

The first minute and 20 seconds are entirely in Dutch, but the remaining is in English

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Et voila...

Never trust a man with short legs (like Hitchens) because his brains are too near the bottom

I knew it, it was bound to happen, and it did. I have an amazing skill at being able to smell the shit before it hits the fan. The Grand prophet of the Pax Americana, Saint Christopher Hitchens had the luxury of being the absolute authority on flawed politics, while exhibiting a peculiar cynical exuberance something Geoff also did (while being an authority of "nothing in particular"), So i wasn't that surprised to read our little friend geoff mesmerizing piece of hyper emotional expression of irrational thoughts, in regard to Muslims & terrorism (it's all about the "ism"). And i guess hitch must be in serious trouble, for picking a sidekick, who knows as much of Middle Eastern geopolitics than he knows about human psychology....Why do people have to make a fool of themselves, by engaging in issues they know absolutely nothing about. Geoff, why don't you stick to something you actually know something about, like the recent discovery of your own very deep religious conviction (or is it over yet?...). Because i am not convinced, you are willing yet to blow an artery over a Muslim related "indignatio impetus", and if our dearest Washington Bob, the magnificent hitchhiker of truth, Christopher Hitchens is in need for the Fray editor to help him legitimize his farcical rants, Next time, he wishes to hurt someone, he'd better ask his girlfriend to drop her pants. Because that piece like any hitchens pieces, was as intellectually challenging as a Lindsey Lohan's movie, and unlike lohan's morphology, Geoff's piece is not going to affect my morning erection. And the only vibes emanating from it, was an extraordinary culturally archaic intrapsychic mediocrity.
I used to love Hitchens when he specialized in Mother Theresa sexuality, or lengthily wrote about the complete yearbook of Lady Diana menstruations cycle, he was fun, but when he turned his focus onto politics, i had a very bad feeling, and Geoff i feel for you too my friend....

Once again reality has outpaced my best effort at satire.

Someone should tell Hitchens, that a hard-on for twisted ideology doesn't count as personal growth.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Voices from the colostomy bags

I came along this video clip today, how entertaining & lucrative indeed for being bitter & hateful racist circus freaks in America, the most "Christianeous" country on the face of the earth.

Really amazing to watch gibbering idiot & putrescent mass of walking vomit Radio talk show host Neil Boortz, describing the Katrina refugees as "debris" or "bums"..... I fail to comprehend how such racist little worm can continue to function on any level with an IQ that is three degrees below dog shit. Any serial killer or murderous psychopath on the loose out there, to do a serious favor to the human race, and pay a little visit to "Mr stink on the shit" Neil Boortz, who's mother was like a brick; flat on both sides, dirty, and used to get layed by Mexicans.

And of course there is the feminine side of the Diarrhea of the mouth specialists, whose careers are monuments to stupidity & ideological filth, with Ann Coulter, the Nazi Drag Queen on pay leave from Auschwitz..., Ok, Every girl has the right to be ugly, but I'm afraid she really abused the privilege, and just because i am as "elitist" as Miss Coulter, i would endorse a new constitutional amendment, which would re-authorize the eugenics laws in regard to extremely ugly & skinny blonde chicks.

For years I debated the difference between those individuals and a bucket of shit - now I know it's just the bucket...

Either a liar or an incompetent, but certainly not the most agreable face of American policy

Condi "How Many Lies Can you Get Away With" Rice

An obscure French philosopher once wrote that, "le visage est le miroir de l'esprit", the face is the reflexion of the soul, in that effect by being an uterly ugly woman, Condi may also be an equally malicious & mean-minded individual. Just like her Middle eastern counterpart & Us ambassador to the UN, Khalilzad, Rice is the incarnation of fake, the impersonation of phony theatrics, the consecration of pretension & presentation over context, the twisted rational of appearance over substance. If you are an avid connaisseur of classical music, you'd know that her alleged & much consecrated "piano skill", is in reality the reflexion of an average understanding & ability at performing classical music, and if you are "verse" in political sciences, you should also be aware that her "expertise" is nothing but a shallow blanket for herself being the water carrier of a particular geopolitical agenda. One which believes in political mythology, prospers on lies & deceptions & builds its strategy on fear & distortions.
Just because you grow up to being functionally literate & able to string a couple of sentences together doesn't necessarily make you an intelligent person. Condi Rice,The National Security Advisor & so called foreign policy expert on Soviet Union, so much of a genius that she missed the Collapse of the USSR....what she is excellent at, is for the Bush infomercial, fearmongering Mouthpiece for the White House, pseudo sophisticated megaphone for Litany of Lies and Excuses for the administration failures. Just like Colin powell, her desire to be colorless is stronger than anything....but a toad is still a toad, and for the Republican purists out there, she is one piece in the collection of useful House Negroes.

In "The Confidante" the new biography of Condi Rice, by Glenn Kessler, The Washington Post diplomatic correspondent, we learn of some of Rice's non public dismissive Behavior & arrogant statements (something she was already famous for). Like when University's Prof. Coit Blacker, relates what happened when she went to buy jewelry and the saleswoman brought her cheap earrings from the display: "Let's get one thing straight," Rice told the sales clerk, "You're behind the counter because you have to work for the minimum wage. I'm on this side because I make considerably more." The store manager quickly brought her the expensive earrings.

Or you may recall more recently, while other less privileged members of her own community were drowning in the wild & murky waters of New Orleans, the spider Queen was busying herself on purchasing expensive shoes at New York's Feragamo, on that occasion an infuriated woman walked up to Rice & shouted, "are you not ashamed of yourself?, people in New Orleans are dying at this very moment, because of the criminal incompetence & indifference of the Bush administration, in which you are a senior official, and the best thing you can possibly think of doing, is shopping for expensive shoes....", the woman was quickly removed from the shop by Rice's security detail. A reader on a blog i won't name (because, while being a good writer, the guy who runs it, is an emotional thumb sucking potty mouthed twerp), brought up a very good list of questions from author Margie Burns to Condi Rice.

1. Dr. Rice, you were admitted to the University of Denver when you were still in high school, while your father was Assistant Director of Admissions at the university. Did you take the ACT or the SAT for admission, and did you meet all admissions requirements that the other incoming freshmen had to meet?

2. Dr. Rice, you have stated candidly in interviews that your first love was not political science but piano, and that you switched to Poli Sci halfway through college because it was a major you could finish in two years. When you were admitted to the rightwing graduate program in political science at Indiana, who paid your tuition there? When you returned to complete a doctorate in political science at U Denver, who paid your tuition there? When you were sent on an extensive trip to Eastern Europe, as a graduate student, how was the trip arranged and financed?

3. Dr. Rice, your biographies show that you were an intern at the Rand Corporation. Did Rand pick up any of the costs of your education? Was the internship a paid or unpaid? You subsequently became a board member at Rand; have you fully disclosed your financial support from Rand over the years?

4. How did the Hoover Institution at Stanford come to choose you as a Fellow, at $30,000 per year, back when full professors in political science made an average $34,000?

5. How was your transition from Hoover Fellow to tenure-track Stanford faculty arranged, and by whom? Did you continue to receive income from the Hoover Institute?

6. How was the publication of your dissertation as a book, by Princeton University Press, arranged?

7. Between the time of your start at Stanford and your promotion to tenure, did you publish any scholarly articles besides the dissertation?

8. When you served on the board of Chevron Oil, did you agree with company opposition to the sanctions against Saddam Hussein?

9. Do you currently receive any income or anything of material value from ChevronTexaco? Will you return to the Chevron board when you leave government?

10. Did you participate, directly or indirectly, in the oil policy decisions formulated in the early months of 2001 in the office of the Vice President? Were your colleagues at Chevron cognizant of plans for Iraq by the Vice President?

11. Thomas Stephenson, venture capitalist, donated $2 million to Stanford to provide an endowed chair for you. Have you received income from that interest while serving in government?

12. Have you ever disclosed or released publicly a full accounting of your financial interests, while in government?

13. Do you now receive or have you during your time in government received anything of material value from Rand, Chevron, other companies with which you have ties or companies connected to the Stephensons?.

Condi is notorious for her dedication at describing just what a wonderful thing the 'war on terrorism' is, how much Bush cares about "freedom and justice" and how great the prospect of spreading freedom and justice to the rest of the world, & a whole collection of similar fantasy tales....but that doesn't make it true.

Friday, August 3, 2007

Good morning Dr Goebbels

the banality of evil with a Middle Eastern

Because the U.S. Department of State have been lurking on this site, after i posted a first piece on Khalilzad, i decided to post a little extra, just for the fun of it (and for the fun of making fun of that wanna be diplomat stucked with an unfortunate accent...). Khalilzad is one puppy who doesn't have a sweat for the 600,000 dead Iraqis, and an extensive understanding of the corruption of language. When a Cspan caller asked the reason for the US for invading Iraq, and dethrone Saddam Hussein for his alleged crimes, but at the cost of greater crimes on the part of the US military, Khalilzad replied, "that the US was attacked on 9/11 before it invaded Iraq....". Really nice piece of geopolitical analysis Dr Goebbels, at least one turban-head who apparently has no difficulty for reading the best of German Nazi propaganda "dans le texte"......thank you Dr Goebbels.

"Political propaganda in principle is active and revolutionary. It is aimed at the broad masses. It speaks the language of the people because it wants to be understood by the people. Its task is the highest creative art of putting sometimes complicated events and facts in a way simple enough to be understood by the man on the street. Its foundation is that there is nothing the people cannot understand, but rather things must be put in a way that they can understand. It is a question of making it clear to him by using the proper approach, evidence, and language.

Propaganda is a means to an end. Its purpose is to lead the people to an understanding that will allow it to willingly and without internal resistance devote itself to the tasks and goals of a superior leadership. If propaganda is to succeed, it must know what it wants. It must keep a clear and firm goal in mind, and seek the appropriate means and methods to reach that goal. Propaganda as such is neither good nor evil. Its moral value is determined by the goals it seeks.

Propaganda must be creative. It is by no means a matter for the bureaucracy or official administration, but rather it is a matter of productive fantasy. The genuine propagandist must be a true artist. He must be a master of the popular soul, using it as an instrument to express the majesty of a genuine and unified political will. Propaganda can be pro or con. In neither case does it have to be negative. The only thing that is important is whether or not its words are true and genuine expressions of a people’s values. During its period of opposition, the National Socialist movement proved that criticism can be constructive, indeed, that in a time which the government is in the hands of destructive powers it may be the only constructive element...". Words from the great Master himself.

One Black who gives me the blues

not fresh for "acting fresh"

I never liked the Chicago mulatto, clean cut media savvy, smile on demand, empty suit and shallow rhetoric's, but when he does a "Joe Lieberman" au chocolat , and professes to attack Pakistan, you have to wonder if there is not enough sheer ignorance of international laws & arrogance, in the Bush administration, without the special twist of the Illinois golden boy. Attacking Pakistan, that's a really smart idea brother, opening a new front for American military in the tribal area of Pakistan, it's like you don't feel having enough on your hands with Iraqi & Afghan ragtags turning the "best army" in the world into a shadow of itself, you need the help of Pakistani religious nutcases to turn your Middle Eastern failure into an absolute failure. I have been watching you for a while, during Bush appointees confirmation sessions (like John Bolton....), you acted like a first class yellow trail sissy, and voted along Republicans & mainstream Democrats. Senator Obama you are the Designated Uncle Tom of the Democratic party, if you really want to keep your place, don't speak too tough, because some may ask you to act tough, and because you & i know that you cannot produce....Just be a nice boy, that's about everything everyone is expecting from you.

I never met Martin Luther King or Malcom X, but i respect them for what they have done for the Black community in the US, and you Senator Obama what have you done for them?.

Invading Pakistan!.... you two time acting fresh looser.

History may be revised even as it is being written

"Evidence of Revision" sweeps "official truth" into the dustbin of history.

"Evidence of Revision" is a 5-DVD, 8 hour long documentary series whose purpose is to present the publicly unavailable and even suppressed historical audio, video, and film recordings largely unseen by the American public relating to the assassination of the Kennedy brothers, the little known classified "Black Ops" actually used to intentionally create the massive war in Viet Nam, the CIA "mind control" programs and their involvement in the RFK assassination and the Jonestown massacre and other important truths of our post-modern time.

1: The assassinations of Kennedy (JFK) and Oswald.(1 h 40 min.):

2: The "why" of it all,referenced to Vietnam and LBJ. (1 h 30 min.):

3: LBJ ,Hoover,and others. What so few know,even today. (1 h 33 min.):

4: The RFK assassination,as never seen before. (1 h 48 min.):

5: RFK assassination,MK ULTRA,and the Jonestown Massacre. (1 h 20 min.):

Water-board me this one...

or why Former oil companies executives make men of poor morality

I was watching US ambassador Zalmay Khalilzad's interview on Cspan. The type of high-profile son of a bitch without frontier who has a real natural skill at avoiding responding to specific questions, with an evasive casual insignificant "ready to deliver" sort of "go fuck yourself " i know where you are trying to lead me, but you wont.....Here is what i got for you, and you don't even need a tube of Vaseline. Khalilzad is one of those pathological lying freak who doesn't feel disgusted by attempting at rationalizing the US military aggression on Iraq, and as a result the destruction of a sovereign nation, and the slaughter of hundred of thousands of people, under the cloak of "classical Augustinian Just War theory criteria". What's really want to make you puke, is when you realize that this disciple of "exitus acta probat", "omnia causa fiunt" and "perfer et obdura; dolor hic tibi proderit olim", is an Arab himself. Like when someone asked him about the every day lives of average Iraqis, those unlucky enough to live in the killing zone (everything outside the green zone), the exuberant price of oil (for a country who is supposed to produce some..), the degree to which electricity is available to Iraqis etc....The Washingtonian Ali Baba responded by citing the improvement over telecommunications, and the high demand for mobile phones...but the caller responded to the Oriental jerk off by citing a US intel report, mentioning that mobile phones are very much used to detonate road side bombs, IED and other related explosive goods courtesy of American democratization of Iraq.

This is one son of a bitch, you wish you could send on a week end retreat in Gitmo or Abu Ghraib just for a taste of his own soup.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Four old arrogant pansies & the young hero's dead body

how the DOD urinates & defecates on dead soldiers

If you have the stomach for more scatological footage (or a natural inclination....) Cspan & the Pentagon present: "Oversight and Government Reform Cmte. Hearing on U.S. Army Corporal Patrick Tillman’s Death". Starring some emasculated men in uniforms, Myers, Abizaid, and Donald Lyingsfeld that old lying sack of shit playing "i do not recall" game over & over again. The fifth Pentagon top official subpoenaed by the Committee, General Kensinger is avoiding being served by US marshals, by hiding somewhere, real class act....And while on the issue of scumbag, Christopher Shays doesn't understand why the Committee is wasting his time on the issue of Pat Tillman's death.








The Intellect is Not a Serious Thing, and Never Has Been. It is An Instrument on Which one Plays, That is All

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