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Sunday, March 30, 2008

fallaces sunt rerum species

Engineers accused of 9/11 coverup


Saturday, March 29, 2008

No tears for fear, no need for victimization

When butchering women & children becomes an acceptable reality

US marine's Haditha case dropped

al jazeera

The glorification of intellectual leprosy

Prepare for the pseudo intellectual carpet bagging soundbite of the week

The science of urinating on the truth always provides an entertaining sight, and watching Condi Rice never disappoints. Rice is the notorious esoteric Grand priestess of distortion & a similar exotic water carrier for foreign affairs goofiness, A renowned doctor in mythological gynecology. Ugliness may indeed explains a lot, Condi Rice is a malicious & mean-minded pseudo intellectual airbag, who's arrogance is only equals by her incompetence at everything she does. Each and every speech that she gives publicly, is significant & remarkable by its shallowness. Rice is a person who obviously succeeded to memorize much of what she was supposed to learn, without actually really understanding anything. she is the incarnation of fake, the impersonation of phony theatrics, the consecration of pretension & presentation over content, the pitiful rational of appearance over substance. Her so called "expertise" is nothing but a shallow blanket for her dismissive behavior at being someone who grew up to become functionally literate & capable of reciting a couple of sentences. But this doesn't necessarily make her an intelligent person. What she actually excels at, is being a fear mongering mouthpiece for the White House, a pseudo sophisticated megaphone for the most simplistic political propaganda, a bitter and crude reflexion of an establishment of institutionalized failures who occupy the highest level of government. She is in fact a petty discolored bureaucratic soubrette who sold her soul, to an ideological microcosm whose socio-geopolitical agenda is solely based on historical revisionism, rhetorical illusionism, strategic wishful thinking and crystal gazing, and relies on a stratagem of lies, deceptions , lies & distortions. In terms of international diplomacy and foreign affairs, she may pretends to know much, but actually doesn't know shit, but who cares, it's all about presentation stupid.....Her desire & personal philosophy of "being colorless is stronger than anything", sometime leads her to astonishing declarations, "....descendants of slaves therefore did not get much of a head start..". Personally, i believe that there is much more than a "head start" Condi.....

washington times

Friday, March 28, 2008

Sleaze it deeply

Clinton,sleeping with the enemy to mess up Obama's bed


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Bend over here it comes again

Operation Cassandra

By William S. Lind


Everything is quiet on the Middle Eastern front

The latest developments in the war against Islamo Fascism & Persian terrorism bullshit

Bush's prime butt boy in Baghdad general David Petraeus is coming up with the latest batch of official propaganda bullshit taking from an X files playbook. Speaking on the latest series of attacks upon the green zone and Americans forces, Petraeus declared the Iranians to be behind the attacks, very convenient..and very stupid. Would the Iranians be so stupid as to identify the origin of the rockets, Did they also indicate an expiration date. But since we are dealing with an absolute asshole who doesn't have the slightest problem at milking the Bush administration deceitful penis, truth has a very high probability of being the victim of these serial rapists, but thanks to American electoral process, since the democrats have the power of the purse, everything was almost on the verge of changing.

The decision to go to war

As for the human factor figuring into war planning, try retired Marine Lt. Gen. Michael DeLong's explanation of how he and Army Gen. Tommy Franks decided to endorse the bid by Rumsfeld and Cheney to convince Bush to order an invasion.

"Gen. Franks likes margaritas," DeLong said, "and I've got a margarita recipe -- of course, I'm a tequila connoisseur. And so we sat down and had some margaritas and tequila and walked through 'Is this the right thing to do for us, for the country? Can we look our troops in the eyes and say, 'You're going to die tomorrow and here's why?' And the answer was yes."

You have two uniformed emasculated men who never fired a single shoot in their entire life, deciding over the lives of hundreds of thousands of human beings, over margarita & tequila.
Who is going to volunteer to sodomize to death these two pukes in uniform.

Eliot Spitzer & me

I just learned from New York, that Kristin Davis got busted. She was a very prominent "Madam", probably the best and most influential in recent years. I had the pleasure of meeting her a couple of years ago at a party in Miami. She was everything you can expect from a young entrepreneur involved in such particular industry, wild, very talented and very "psychological". Although unlike my American partners in crime, i had a very strict policy at never using credit card., and my wife was aware of my futile but nevertheless enjoyable escapade, she participated....


The audacity of hypocrisy

Obama's Pandering to Israel
By Joe Mowrey


Newt spotting, the great ethical conundrum

May induces bowels movement

For those who like it excremental, Cspan is as usual devoting precious times of broadcast to scatological political programing. On today's menu is Newt Gingrich, the fat serial divorcee, tits fucker of the conservative movement, and former speaker of the house. Newt is delivering a speech on the American Pursuit of Happiness.... If you can avoid pucking at least a dozen times while watching and listening to the blistering hypocrisy of that impeccable arrogant lowlife who never stops at denouncing the lack of morality in today's society, you are probably as pathologically corrupted as he is. "Pursuit of happiness...",you have to be shitting me, when i look at that obscene Viagra addicted piglet, the only thing that comes immediately to mind, is to run for the nearest roll of toilet paper.


Posthumous exuberance

My "Wish you were dead" list of the spring

I am tired of waiting to make my case for the reintroduction of eugenic laws.
I would not consider rushing up the natural process by wishing the death of the following cockroaches such big deal, they either already look dead, or smell death anyway.

Ps,. I am working on a democratic list as well

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Love me long time

Toe sucking & grand fucking in rational thinking

The decrepited republican embarrassment running for president who possesses both a religious sense of delusional crisis and urgency and a supreme lack of caution and awareness, is someone who will drive & take his logic into an Abu Ghraib torture session in order to prove his ridiculous case. John McCain's philosophy, is the peculiar brand of epistemological belief found in urinal's backwash.

Free ride: inside the media's love affair with Mc Cain

Which lesser of 2 evils

The Belle du jour of the democratic party is again getting entangled in her own web of lies, distortions and misrepresentations. In regard to her Bosnian controversy she said on Tuesday, " I made a mistake", "That happens"," It proves I'm human, which you know, for some people, is a revelation".

No spider Queen hillary, that is not a mistake, claiming to drive at 40 miles and hour when in fact you are driving at 70, is a mistake. But if you claim to be driving at whatever speed you may chose, when in fact you are seating on your fat behind, in your living room watching late comedy shows, that's a lie. The only thing it proves, is again to what extend, a filthy despicable lying politician you really are. You are no better than Bush. And i have no intention of cutting slack to Barack "walk on water" Obama either.....You two idiots are the best of Vichy democrats, in reference to your collusion & complicity with the republicans

Besides having John Mc Cain, a disingenuous semi senile delusional psychopathic war criminal running for president, during such crucial times when leadership is more important than ever, when two mass murdering scumbags are salivating at the thought of toying a nuclear strike in Iran, the total & absolute lack of honesty, authenticity & credibility of the democratic party candidates is equally criminal. Congratulations Clinton & Obama,you have both bluntly exaggerated & lied about everything you could possibly do. What kind of excremental foreplay do you have in mind for the foreseeable future.

The king of comedy

You often hear it said, of some political or other opportunist, that he would sell his own grandmother if it would suit his interests. But you seldom, if ever, see this notorious transaction actually being performed, which is why I am slightly surprised that he got away with it so easily. (Yet why do I say I am surprised? He still gets away with absolutely everything).

Someone ranting about Christopher Hitchens ?, not at all, these are the words of the great contrarian himself, in his latest Slate's piece on Barack Obama.
Do you see the irony here, or can you smell it ?.

Desperately want to play presidential

Blonde ambition

Hillary's berserker campaign ... for 2012
By Jeffrey ST Clair


Blue days for Mother democracy

Five years of uninterrupted Tampax

Happy Anniversary, America!

How Lethally Stupid Can One Country Be?
By David Michael Green


War is meat,meat is murder,murder is money

Hail to the sucker who feeds on gullibility

video interview

Cheney is one of those individual who provokes instant affirmative reaction, his undeniable rhetorical gift makes you run for the closest gun and blow the hell out of your monitor, with an immense satisfaction and a feeling of quasi spiritual accomplishment. If you are one of those Machavellian asshole or a complete and absolute cynical son of a bitch like myself, You have to appreciate Dick Cheney's characteristic disgusting attempt at rationalizing anything between the military aggression & the complete destruction of a sovereign nation, the mass slaughter of civilians, and the use of military personal as expendable sanitary napkin, under the cloak of classical Augustinian Just War theory criteria. Obviously Dick Cheney is someone who doesn't give a fuck, and why should he. For someone like him, That all volunteered army thing is a national asset. Hundred of thousands of idiots willing to die to enrich him & his friendly corporative scumbags, that is not moronic patriotism, that's the apex of stupidity. How fortunate indeed, is American ruling class, to have a group of men and women so inclined to commit the ultimate sacrifice for whatever filthy lie & pseudo explanation that have been sold to them. This is probably the best example of how cheap and uneducated Americans really are. The quasi miraculous impulse that directly drives them from barbarism to degeneration with the usual interval of blowing air and sucking ass.

How do you expect me to have respect for these idiots, and for these idiots in uniform to have respect for the life of others, when they don't even have respect for their own, and are so positive about giving limbs and blood on the base of the most amazing gibberish possible. But dear Patriotic idiot in uniform, always remember that when you commit the ultimate sacrifice, it is worth something. you actually make Dick Cheney and his ilk a little bit richer. your siblings may be proud of your stupidity, and are allowed to weep and suffer in silence, food stamps are here to stay. Human life has never been so cheap and American so dumb.

But again, what do you expect from a sucker like Cheney, who by his own standards believes the world to be flat, George Bush to be a great leader, and loves to play confrontational with pussy journalists on TV networks. Although i'm not going to get into a name-calling match with someone who has a 9 percent approval rating and ressembles a blood-soaked malignant tumor with an ability for jabbering few words & a couple of constructed sentences. Shit, I'm turning sarcastic again.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Angels of liberty & the Pigs of war

The sky is blue, surge is working, Americans are dumber than ever

Somewhere, There is a potential new Hitler with a genocide itching, and that's the reason we have to keep up with the bloodbath.
God bless America.

Diplomatic shit list

Diplomat reveals, U.S Threatened Allies on Iraq
Chilean Envoy to U.N. Recounts Threats of Retaliation in Run-Up to Invasion
By Colum Lynch


Sunday, March 23, 2008

Open letter to the eminence grise of pseudo intellectual brown nosing

To his excellency Mr Dinesh d-souza.

While escaping any accountability for your puerile & infantile critical thinking as the "holier-than-thou" grand inquisitor, and Mouthpiece of neo Conservative Cheer leading, you actually achieved with your latest book, an astonishing mass exercise of socio-political pathology. What is so great about America, is that it is about the only place on earth where an a-historical & grotesque farcical prepubescent thinker like yourself, can actually pretend & enjoy a sort of "intellectual" status. You should indeed, be deeply grateful to America, How lucrative being a bitter & hateful intolerant circus freak.......Your book is beyond criticism but not above the reach of cynicism. You are a barometer for agitprop trickery, a boorish little man projecting his petty insecurity on the world at large, and amazingly intellectually unchallenging. Your fear of Muslims & modern Women certainly represents the reflection of a particular Freudian projection. Always so amusing to watch the world through the eyes of a mediocre American muckraker like yourself, a world in which dark armies of evil "doers" Muslims are bent on raping White babies, killing Christian puppies, and preventing God's chosen peoples, from shopping at Walmart & watching Fox news.....America the Land of proud & stupid, and proud to be stupid.
I shall end this rant on a positive note, I am fully aware that you are doing your best to steal Ann Coulter's academic accomplishment, you certainly have some entertainment value. I wish you well with your crusade.

Vote with your penis

Elect a Porn actress for public office

An issue of choice between getting the blues and getting the wood.

Contrary to Porn actresses who actually never fuck their fans & supporters personally, politicians spend most of their time fucking you to oblivion, but because they are always in the driver position, they always leave you a bad taste down the throat and an unpleasant feeling around the buttocks area. You never feel good after having been fucked by a politician. Porn babes give you something worth your money. And if you have ever been to a Porn convention, they are the sweetest creatures to spend time with.
You may get fucked if you're really lucky enough, but you will definitively feel good afterwards

Ontological pornography

The American ability to alter physical reality

Why do i despise each & every presidential candidates

1)Because of the relentless flow of lies, distortions, obfuscation of truth, personal, morale & intellectual dishonesty, demonstrations of the most despicable hypocrisy. Their ignorance & refutation of history, and their total and contemptuous revisionist approach of their own actions & responsibilities in the process.

2)Their so called religious faiths which should immediately disqualify them for any public office or leadership position, because of their incestuous belief of the reality of the magical & supernatural realm, the very notion that magical elements & a supernatural entity are responsible for the creation of the universe, our world and life itself.

3)For the fact that they labeled themselves as people of faith, but who do not hesitate at mass slaughtering hundred of thousands of fellow human beings for whatever national security of national interest they may see fit.

4)For perpetuating the positivist exaltation of American altruism and humanism, while they are conducting on daily base a predatory foreign policy which has costed the life of millions of individuals throughout the last 50 years only.

5)Holding others accountable for their very own crimes , and when confronted with the most irrefutable facts & arguments, always have the best reasons for having perpetrated & behaved in the most evil fashion possible

6)Because most Americans are overwhelmed by their own self righteousness and sense of uniqueness.

The American presidential elections is the spectacle of a terrifying reality show, where dysfunctional monsters are confronting each others for the sake of the universe, which only possible relief, is that they may possibly cannibalize themselves, and leave us the fuck alone.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lost in translation

The woman who nearly stopped the war
By Martin Bright


Friday, March 21, 2008

Hyperbole is such a terrible thing to digest

A war of utter folly
Responsibility for this spectacular tragedy must lie with those who ignored the facts five years ago

By Hans Blix

The mathematics of character assassination

How to demonize anyone & anything for morons

What does Jacques Chirac, Hugo Chavez, Mahmoud ahmadinejad have in common with each others, according to the Zionist scare machine & its terror mass marketing, they share an elliptical orbit around anti semitism



Zbigniew Brzezinski. How the US provoked the Soviet Union into invading Afghanistan
Le Nouvel Observateur (France), Jan 15-21, 1998, p. 76.
Translated from the French by William Blum

There are at least two editions of this magazine; with the perhaps sole exception of the Library of Congress, the version sent to the United States is shorter than the French version, and the Brzezinski interview was not included in the shorter version.** It should be noted that there is no demonstrable connection between the Afghanistan war and the breakup of the Soviet Union and its satellites.

This interview was translated from the French by William Blum, Author of "Killing Hope: U.S. Military and CIA Interventions Since World War II" and "Rogue State: A Guide to the World's Only Superpower".

Autant en emporte le complot

Quand un ancien president Europeen parle de complot

Déclarations choc de l'ancien président Italien
Selon le président Cossiga, le 11-Septembre a été organisé par les services occidentaux

Gooey symbiosis

Winding Up Bear
Paulson's Gift to His Bankster Buddies


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Thou shall not bring chaos, death & destruction upon a sovereign nation

There must be a reckoning for this day of infamy
By Seumas Milne

National security & the terrorist bride

Terrorism case of Luis Posada debated on Capitol Hill

Archive Analyst Peter Kornbluh Shares Declassified CIA and FBI Intelligence Reports With House Foreign Affairs Subcommittee

A monkey in a silk suit is still a monkey.

Professional lier, grand larcenist and anal-intruder Ahmed Chalabi. Another porcine bald fuck from Dick Cheney's gang, the useful tool who is responsible for selling the war to Rumsfeld Nazi-Zionist workshop buttboys.

Dinner with Ahmed
By Scott Ritter

Six questions for Aram Roston. Author of "The man who pushed America to War"
By Scott Horton

A little genocide isn't such bad thing, if it serves American Corporate interests

Vietnam, i had other priorities....too busy to inseminate artificially the carpet munching dyke, i married. Besides there were so many assholes willing to be used as Vietnam's soil fertilizer

Brought to you by the American body bags industry

Dick Cheney, the vicious old shrew & excremental mobile lab who occupied the vice presidency, is one of these individuals who seem to think that morality stops at the door of corporate profits and the global economy. Besides being a complete delusional & war profiteering low life, the chubby bald ass is also one of those arrogant mother fucker, you'd wish to meet in a dark dead end alley at 3 o clock in the morning, just for the sake of practising your skill at cracking skull.


Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Commander in skirt

Who do want to answer a white house 3am phone call. A bloodthirsty old bitch in S and M Mistress apparel, or that Muslim loving Senatorial pussy from Illinois ?.

On the 5th anniversary of the United States unjustified attack upon Iraq, after the complete destruction of one of the most modern Middle Eastern society and the death of about a million of its citizens, Disingenuous broad & democratic party presidential candidate, Hillary Clinton provided us again with a remarkable demonstration of how willingly deceitful she really is. "we cannot win their civil war for them", declared the granny fruitcake during one of her public address.
"Civil war...", there was no such thing before you joined force and gave your vote for this insane presidential nitwit to start his murderous invasion, and well planned utter destruction of a country, he and his corporate cronies were drooling over for a while.

How do you want today's Iraqi meat cooked . rare ?.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Sweet flagrance of death

Why i stopped to worry & learn how to appreciate a good genocide

Cheney " Iraq invasion was "successful endeavour"


The great lady of meritocracy

What can possibly justify her extraordinary sense of entitlement

The progressive female flavor of the republican party pretends, claims and brags about quite a lot of accomplishments alongside her presidential husband. Listening to her swashbuckling leaves you with an unpleasant feeling down the spine. Was she acting as the real president for 8 years, merely leaving Bill as a poster boy for presidential cross-dressing. While her husband got caught with his penis down the throat a young white house intern, Hillary on her own, since becoming a senator, has always been very comfortable at joining & playing along the dirty games of her republican counterparts. Hillary's entire campaign is based & built on the premise of her alleged extensive "experience" of the inner workings of the white house. Laura Bush also has an extensive understanding of the institutions of the highest level of government, but that cannot eclipses the fact she is an over-medicated fruit cake who can barely find her own ass with both hands. Hillary, i have news for you darling, being the wife of a brain surgeon, doesn't qualify you at holding the scalpel during a sex change operation.

media info

Monday, March 17, 2008

Yes we can!, the dream ticket

When disingenuous is not enough

Obama is dropping his pastor following the media hypocritical focus on Rev. Jeremiah Wright tough & roughy sermons. After few decades of regularly attending Wright's church, Obama through the media suddenly discovered & became aware of the passionate & inflamed rhetorics of his spiritual mentor, even if it became known later, that Rev Wright had a discussion with Obama months before Obama launched his presidential campaign, conversation in which both men discussed the potential need, at a certain stage in his campaign, for Obama to distance himself from the rev Wright, or even the need to repudiate him. Obama is the continuing embarrassment who loves to tell the crowd,"yes we can" surely can, brother. What is also an immense subject of embarrassment, is the mass Pavlovian reactions to Obama's ongoing mea acculpa, because the rubes need to express & demonstrate its refutation of racism, by voting for a self professed Black pretendant to the White House, who has a credibility & integrity interchangeable with Armstrong Williams.

Yet another exposure of extraordinaire Hypocrisy

Looks alive on the outside, but dead on the inside

Good to be back in Iraq ?, Dick, there were only 40 dead yesterday in Bagdad alone

Dick shopping for body parts in Bagdad

Why all the fuzz and stories about the alleged Al Qaida network of terror is nothing but fear mongering propaganda bullshit. Is this was true, this mother fucker should be a magnet for suicide bombers, instead of walking throughout the Middle East like in his own backward


From mutual to common antagonism

Palestinians are today paying the price for European contemporary crimes of anti Semitism.

A delegation from one of the 21th century leading exterminationist state, and headed by Prime minister Elmut Olmert of Israel arrived in Berlin late Sunday to meet with German Chancelor Angela Merkel & President Horst Koehler. During his official visit, the prime minister of the welfare state of Israel, repeated the lies about Mahmoud Ahmadinejad alleged repeated calls tor Israel to be wiped off the map, and vowed to protect Israeli communities targeted by Palestinian rockets fired from the Gaza Strip, by mass slaughtering even more innocent Palestinian civilians.

Of methamphetamine, stupidity, arrogance, & blood soaked underwear

A brief flashback on Donald rumsfeld, the sub arachnoid pentagon creature who managed to the prominence of Master of esoteric linguistics and psychedelic rhetorics.

Donald Rumsfeld, putrefaction with a fiendish face, and poster boy for the embalming industry

Professor Theodore Lowi

Dr.Theodore Lowi on American politics. Dr. Lowi is one of the most respected political scientists in the United States. Professor Lowi is a member of the National Academy of Arts and Sciences and has been the John L. Senior Professor of American Institutions at Cornell University since 1972. He has written or edited over a dozen books, among them The Pursuit of Justice, co-authored with Robert F. Kennedy, the highly influential The End of Liberalism. Professor Lowi's argument, advanced in The End of Liberalism, is that during the 1960's this country made an irreversible transition into an entirely new political regime, which he calls "the Second Republic of the United States". His book "The End of the Republican Era," recently published in a new edition, asserts that the Republican party died in the 1990's and morphed into a parochial, religio-moralist, corporatist conservative party, more akin to the British Tories than the American Republican tradition.

Acrimonious Uncle Tom

Unlike the Dick Cheney, first class house Negro Clarence Thomas does not hunt, and to my knowledge never discharged his riffle onto somebody, but he does shoot women in the face, especially young attractive Afro-American secretary

America has never been so colorless. on one side a possible fake semi house negro for president, and on the other side, a potential fake house negro for vice president. You may rest in peace Doctor King

Clarence Thomas for Vice President

Steve Benen


By Ralph Schoenman

The Hidden History of Zionism

United State of amnesia

US. Amnesia in the Middle East
By Joe Gannon


Sunday, March 16, 2008

Eschewing the great contrarian

Women limited capacity towards invariably morose, pathetically insignificant and obnoxious chubby old man

"Christopher Hitchens, c'est comme la peste, plus on s'en eloigne, mieux on se porte...."

I have a secret for you Christopher Hitchens, women are funny and they have fun, but not with you. Women don't like you because you do not stimulate them emotionally, and more important you do not appeal to their genitalia. And these are few of the reasons. You take yourself way too much seriously, for someone who is supposed to seek & arbitrate the fun in the opposite sex, that is not the best way to start. Some women are attracted to men who take themselves very seriously, or who have personal attitude borderlining arogance, but they also expect these men to act and look serious in return, and they also expect these men to be considered seriously by people surrounding them. But you have a problem, you look like shit, dress like a bum and act like an overweighed dork who missed puberty entirely. You are a triple handicap on leg. Women also love men with a sense of humor, something you lack entirely, Fact is, you rarely smile, unless when coming under the impression that you have just delivered something so significant or so profoundly smart & important. You are dogmatic & a dismissive elitist prick, too much of an extra for pussies.

You certainly are a kind of Don Juan of punditry, with your lovely accent and melodious voice, an illusion maker, everything that comes out of your mouth may brings an impression of smartness, until someone actually analyses the deeper content of your words, and realizes that much of it is nothing more than pseudo-intellectual garbage. The fact that you have an opinion about everything doesn't make you a scholar or an authority on anything, especially since almost everything you say turns out to be complete bullshit anyway. In fact you are an hyper-emotional dork pumped up on over inflated self estime. The ultimate antisocial adolescent trapped in the body of a saggy and cranky old man. You don't know shit about women Christopher Hitchens. Poor Hitchens, you cannot even resort to homosexuality, Gays are fun, stylish and most important they never take things too seriously, that puts you outside their radar
Someone like yourself, who looks much like a wreck, probably doesn't smell better than he looks, and certainly deep inside, feels real bad about himself, doesn't have a chance with real Gays, but you may appeal to the ilk of the conservative closet faggs.

Women don't like you Hitchens, never did, even your own mother did not, she killed herself......(this one was for Cindy Sheehan, on whom you did not hesitated to defecate, years ago on behalf of the Bush Administration)

Révolte conte le conformisme

L' Islam vu par Julius Evola
Claudio Mutti

Motivated by evil & supported by ignorance & idiocy

Supreme primate in chief delivering a speech about the "terrists", and projecting about Americans

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Can't misunderestimate the size of the moron market

The rhetoric of fear, lies and manipulations

Leading to

All we need is more insanity

Religious faith as the number one of irrational belief, is a form of mental illness, just like the guy who walks around with a toothbrush on a leash, and believe that there is a dog at the end of the leash even if he is the only one to see it.

"If I were to suggest that between the Earth and Mars there is a china teapot revolving about the sun in an elliptical orbit, nobody would be able to disprove my assertion provided I were careful to add that the teapot is too small to be revealed even by our most powerful telescopes. But if I were to go on to say that, since my assertion cannot be disproved, it is intolerable presumption on the part of human reason to doubt it, I should rightly be thought to be talking nonsense. If, however, the existence of such a teapot were affirmed in ancient books, taught as the sacred truth every Sunday, and instilled into the minds of children at school, hesitation to believe in its existence would become a mark of eccentricity and entitle the doubter to the attentions of the psychiatrist in an enlightened age or of the Inquisitor in an earlier time" .Bertrand Russell

Destructive determinism

These are the same people who dismiss the Iraqi genocide & complete destruction of a sovereign nation, but asked the world to stop its spin, after 9/11.

How to Destroy a Country in Five Years
Iraq's Blood-Sodden Anniversaries
By Patrick Cockburn

What is the smallest muscle in a sheeps ass? apparently your dick

Lesson in humor from the people Americans love to hate

The Cult of the Suicide Bomber
By Robert Fisk


For whom the bell tolls

Let's bomb the hell of China for a change

Chinese security forces swarm Tibet
At Least 30 Killed In Tibet Protests

Where is the world leading "democracy" and self professed protector of god's universal gift to mankind, when Chinese troops are slaughtering Tibetans live on TV

I'd love to see anti Iranian Knuckle Draggers take the same vigourous positions towards China

Support the willing executioners

When heroes see themselves as war criminals

war comes home

Friday, March 14, 2008

Dana Perino, a closed mouth gathers no foot

George Bush's junior balls licking soubrette was on the Daily Show with John Stewart. The blondish methamphetamined lying puppet despite a twist of forced humor, repeated what she does on daily base, dispensing White House's toxic lies, and outreaching for any media entity willing to feed on the Bush administration sperm bank spin.


In the name of mental hygiene

Pre-biblical lunatic political prostitute John Mc Cain is foaming at the mouth again. We already suspected the star of ass to mouth Straight talk express, of suffering from dementia, he might be affected with rabies as well. The malevolent semi reptilian fear mongering senile scumbag suggested that Al Qaeda could possibly take over the electronic voting machines, and delivers the elections to the democrats. Anyone understanding the benefits of reintroducing eugenic laws yet.

McCain: Al Qaeda May Intervene To Tip Election Towards Dems


Disturbing pattern of provocative behaviour

Bush lashes out at Chavez

The "wisdom" of Henry Kissinger

Individual like Kissinger are gangrenous tissues on the fabric of democratic societies

The disgusting organism that is pickled in an obnoxious decoction of liquid gaseous substance & bile, is still emanating signs of life, or a least mimicking it. Watching Kissinger is always a mesmeric experience, like being on the set of a scat porn movie, expecting at any moment to see an eruption of a diversity of bodily fluids & wastes. The smelly & icky old man who is responsible for the death of 3 millions of Vietnamese, Cambodians, Laotians, but also for the 58,000 Americans body bags courtesy of American desire to war party in South Vietnam, for a policy of military Juntas & death squads throughout Latin America, for the assassination of Salvator Allende & the coup d'etat in Chili, and for sodomizing a large number of Washington reporters, male and female, is advocating for direct negotiations with Iran. Of course America should engage in direct negotiations with Iran, you excreting semi senile fart bag, Unless you are looking for double anal penetration in regard to the Iraq-Iran situation. Maybe one of many serious butt fucks is not enough for American foreign policy.

We already know what your mentor, the other infamous high priest of realpolitics, was in fear of, before he passed away, what is your phobia Henry.








The Intellect is Not a Serious Thing, and Never Has Been. It is An Instrument on Which one Plays, That is All

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