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Monday, February 11, 2008

The art of disruptive Diplomacy for Genital herpes

Rome must be be Rome.....

Lieberman Sends Nuclear Note to Executive Branch

Sen. Joe Lieberman, in his capacity as chairman of the Senate’s Homeland Security Committee, has assigned gloomy homework to 16 federal agencies, asking them for full descriptions of their preparations in case of a nuclear device detonating on U.S. soil. It’s the nightmare scenario, terrorists importing a nuclear weapon and setting it off in an American city. So, the agencies will soon be receiving a letter from Lieberman and ranking Republican Sen. Susan Collins, asking them to answer a series of questions. The purpose of the six questions, some in multiple parts, is “to assist the committee in determining the current state of the nation’s operational readiness to protect the people of the United States from nuclear terrorism and to carry out critical response missions in the event of the detonation of a nuclear device in the United States.”The letter also includes this cheery passage: “The effects of a nuclear attack on the United States are almost beyond comprehension. Even if we only consider the impact that a relatively small 10-kiloton nuclear device would have on a city center, the devastation would be catastrophic. From the epicenter of the blast to a distance of approximately one-third of a mile, every structure would be destroyed and virtually no one would be left alive.”“While our primary goal must be the prevention of such an attack,” the letter points out, “we must also prepare for the eventuality that a determined terrorist may succeed despite our best efforts.”

The latest development into the tragico-grotesque crisis in regard to Iran, is so reminiscent of the American nature, and their glutenous appetite for war they cannot win, and the American destructive penchant for anything that can momentarily lift them out of their hysteria. Once again senatorial ass clown, Joe Lieberman, the chairman of the "I don't fucking get it" syndrome committee. is proving that what he is lacking in intelligence, he more than makes up for in stupidity. The loud mouthed half-witted decrepited scarecrow, is once again trying to bang the tree of reality, with his usual marketing of suffering, rhetoric of persecution and victimization, to justify a potential military intervention against a sovereign nation.
Go fuck yourself Joe, and please try to stop to breath







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