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Monday, August 11, 2008

Double Dutch politics

The U.S. tiger has no teeth, just an angry growl

Bush denounces Russian violence in Georgia

It is ironic, isn't it, how president dumfuck invades a sovereign nation. topples and executes its leader, and screams like hell when someone else may have a bona fide reason for doing it.

So why couldn't Milosevic invade Kosovo? It was Serbia's own territory, too. If it wasn't OK for Serbia to crush a separatist movement in Kosovo, why it is OK for Georgia to do exactly the same?. South Ossetia may have been a part of the Soviet Republic of Georgia, but it hardly is Georgian at all. In fact Ossetia is divided between Russia and Georgia. Which wasn't a big deal when they both were Republics of the USSR, but it is now. Georgia has repeatedly refused to listen to the will of South Ossetians, who have expressed their wish to be reunited with their Northern brethren. Both parties reached an agreement to stop violence (1992) which Georgians have now violated. Russian retribution has been both swift and powerful. But Georgians can hardly complain. They started this. Georgians should have had second thought before bombing a territory in with 90% of the population are Russian citizens. South Ossetia must be allowed to hold a free vote (for the third time), but this time their decision needs to be honored. Why on Earth was the Kosovo referendum approved and even assisted by the West, but the 2006 S. Ossetian referendum wasn't?

Way to upstage the Olympics, Russia. If the US weren't distracted by Iraq, they could launch World War 3.







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