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Sunday, March 1, 2009

Accusation of antisemitism

Please come back again.....

Anonymous writes:
"Why so obsessed with Jews, may I ask?".

On this Blog, we & myself do not speak about the Jews, but about the policies of the state of Israel, but on second though, since the state of Israel defines itself as the Jewish state & homeland for Jews, maybe I should reconsider the way in which I express myself. I should probably revise my own politically correct terminology, and start to refer to Jews as Jews since we are indeed talking about Jews who pretend to speak and act in the name of all Jews.

Do I have ever mentioned anything against the Jews in particular, ever expressed any specific or sinister animosity towards Jews as such?. I challenge you to find anything on this Blog that directly exposes the previous statement as false or incorrect.

However I do stand behind my positions & statements in regard to the eradication of the state of Israel in its present form. A racist, genocidal enterprise that has deprived indigenous Palestinians from their lands, freedom and dignity, while using the atrocities perpetrated by Europeans on European Jews during WW2, to rationalize the atrocities committed on the Palestinian people.

I think those like yourself (self obsessed psychopath) have to come to term with the rhetoric of Shoa utilization, cult of victimization & marketing of Jewish suffering. Israel is not the altar of Jewish persecution but the great temple of Jewish racism and supremacism.

"les criminels se cachent dans le manteau des accusateurs".







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