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Friday, April 25, 2008

Persian phantasmagoria

Having the best trained army in the world turned into a shadow of itself by a bunch of ragtags in Iraq, doesn't seem to be enough for the mass murdering idiots holding American citizenship, and who at the present time are roaming the arid land of Mesopotamia, in search for the elixir of democracy. The dysfunctional primates who called themselves Americans, who pretend to represent the world leading nation and the creme de la creme of western civilization, but who actually worship a funny looking mouse and who spend most of their time in front of a TV screen, or ingesting fecal sandwiches inside sinister industrialized food temples called MC Donald's, are actually looking for a total. According to some of their military officials who have been gracefully provided with the ability to express themselves, beyond the scope of grunting, the US is prepping military options against Iran. I guest it does make sense if you are as limited and retarded as they are. Attacking Iran, that's a really smart idea, opening a new front for American military in an area 6 or 7 times bigger than Iraq. It is like you don't feel having enough on your hands with Iraqis & Afghans playing deadly hide & seek with the less efficient "best army" in the world, you need the help of an army of a million strong Iranians to turn your Middle Eastern failure into an absolute disaster.








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