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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Micheal Reagan, adventures in pedophile-killer land

Micheal Reagan is a well known pedophile, no surprise he wants to sodomize babies...Where are those terrorists when we need them, Decapitate the mother fucker and put the video on youtube.

Micheal Reagan the adopted son of second class actor Ronald Reagan & spiritual crackpot first lady Nancy is again creating a considerable amount of controversy with his latest batch of verbal diarrhea. Talking about young Arab babies, "I'll put a grenade up their butt" "...and kill their mothers. ... ","So what's wrong with killing the mothers and the babies ?","there will be peace in the Middle East when all Arabs are dead". youtube-link
Michael Reagan is a funny little man, and if you don't like his sense of humor and particular brand of foreign policy, you may be a terrorist, or worse a liberal. After having been sexually molested by his biological father, boy Michael was taken away from his family and put into a child care center, the same center where later on, Nancy Reagan through her spiritual power & astrological adviser, was able to channel the young boy and subsequently on the advice of James Baker, pushed Ronald Reagan to adopt him, perpetuating the great GOP tradition, where sexually molested child makes good republicans. Michael soon became a notoriety in republican circles for his liaison with Brent Snowcroft's German Sheppard, and after attempting a sex change operation during his relationship with Rush Limbaugh. Having fell to collect the appropriate amount of money, Micheal decided to put his bitterness at the service of right wing propaganda, and upon the recommendation of his family started a carreer as a radio talk host. The rest is also history.







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