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Monday, November 17, 2008

Zionist Revisionism

Ben-Gurion' Scandals -- How the Hagannah and The Mossad Eliminated Jews

In order to be able to write and publish this book, Giladi, an Iraqi Jew settled in Israel, had to renounce his citizenship and settle in the US. The book is literally explosive: he explains, with the support of evidence, that Israeli authorities condoned grenade attacks against the Jews and the synagogues of Baghdad, to herd the Jews and push them to emigrate in Israel, in the early 50's. It was known, but rather vaguely. Here are all the available files of this black file. It shows that Zionists never hesitate to commit massacres oneveryone, including Jews, when they see fit. The difficulties encountered by the author are then easy to understand but Giladi's strong dedication to truth overcame them.


Thanks to Heliogabalus for the recommendation & link.







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