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Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Fat & lazy bastard of the Pax Americana

Bush's term is finally coming to end, i wanted to express my most sincere gratitude to Christopher Hitchens. Thank you for supporting the policies of the Bush administration, profile in incompetence & cockiness. Congratulations for beating up Tony Snow at his own game, and being such ardent echo chamber for an administration where disillusion & hubris were state's policies, & the decider in chief, a poster child for delusional conformism. Thank you for cheerleading a military aggression upon a sovereign nation, instrumental for Burying the thousands of Saddam Hussein's victims, under piles of hundreds of thousands of fresh new corpses, courtesy of American contribution to Middle East democratic process (that old universal adage, "in order to democratize them, we have to butcher them first...liberation through extermination). Thanks to the American experiment, Iraq is turning into a Middle Eastern Alice in wonderland, where the freedom to die around the corner, is not a choice but an option, every time you find yourself out of toilet paper, and had to walk to the nearest market store. Finally, congratulations Hitch for once again smelling the coffee, and endorsing Obama. For contrarian like yourself, turning coat is always the option.....







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