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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Bill O'reilly, Fox News verbal discharge of the week

The Manly man bully who dreams at the thought of a dildo's close and probing encounter with his own rectal cavity

Surgeons really ruined a perfect rectum when they put teeth in Bill O'reilly's mouth. The Pedo-porn writer and Fox lousy load in chief is going through climatic menstruation crisis again. On this video clip, Fox best bottom feeding artist delivers an excruciating outburst on Tim Russert, someone Bill used to have a radical bone for a very long time, but since Russert is going to interview Scott MCCLelland before Billo, Bill doesn't want to get naked, lay down & fondle Tim Russert's testicles anymore......Bill O'reilly is so ugly, that the last time he got a piece of ass was when his hand slipped through the toilet paper. He has been sexually molesting women (especially those working for him & or with him) since. If we took the collective stupidity of every low-life imbecile known since the evolution of man, it might be close to the complete lack of brain function this raving lunatic possesses. I wonder what Bill is going to do for a face when rush Limbaugh wants its ass back. I barf at the very thought of it.







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