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Friday, May 30, 2008

The other condescending piece of Tom-shit

Tom Brokaw the voice of condescending scat mangering


"all wars are based on propaganda", "in insight we'd love to go back...".
Yeah sure thing you disgusting jerk off, and in insight you may also be able to bring back to life, the million dead Iraqis....And in insight, I'd love to see your wife Meredith & your three daughters lose their lives in a fucking car accident, just for the pleasure of having you declaring that "in insight" you'd obviously preferred not having lost them in a car accident. Voodoo doll anyone.....
American media, nothing but repugnant tracks of crass ignorance, hubris and a huge load of discredit with a majuscule. I believe Tom Brokaw is the last person on this planet to be allowed to defend the sloppiness of the media. As one of the finest representent of America's crassest journalism. Let me try to get something extremely clear, Mr nightly news anchor of my dream, and it relates to explain the cozy relations from Washington press corp to the politicians. They are like dogs & flees, they need each others.

Thanks to AngrySoba from "Hitchens Watch" for the "hindsight" feedback, but the mistake was intentional







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