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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The wisdom of Jack Dallas

Chris, Because you hate JackDallas, that idiotic piece of Texan scum as much as i do, this is something i posted on WikiFray back then. And thanks for the Best Of the Fray feedback. Precision, nothing has been fictionalized.

I took a look at the Fray today, my last visit being about 10 days ago, and found the place yet under a new veil of boredom, but before leaving i stumbled upon a little gem. A post by the great Uber idiotic patriot from Texas himself (do i need to name him ?), awakening to the corruption & incompetence of KBR (the satanic spawn of Haliburton), in regard to the construction of US embassy in Baghdad.
look Ma, i'm exposing myself again in public....
The great patriot in his own words :

"this is the first I have seen of this type thing other than the alleged Haliburton abuses....This was a hell of a shock, somethinthat I would have thought an impossibility".

Well no one is going to accuse him of being the brightest crayon in the box, What he is lacking in intelligence, he more than makes up for in stupidity. But i have to thank Jack for being himself, who else could serve as a bridge from a discussion of Iraqi reconstruction efforts to the issue of intelligent design. Jack Dallas is another reason for me, for not believing in a supreme creator, if there was such intelligent designer, he wouldn't waste his precious time & talent to conceive such fucked up specimen of human being, unless there was nothing supreme about him, or if he was working for Haliburton....
This is social Darwinism at its best. Thanks whatever makes people suck ass.







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