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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Cradle of ridicule

I object to the usual appellation of mercenary which is supposed to describe the contracting forces employed and used by the US military in Iraq. These guys are not "mercenary", they are fancy security guards, equipped with the latest toys & gadget available, they outnumbered the Iraqi resistance & the Iraqi regular army. They live in a highly secured area, fed on Mac Donald's, Fox News programs and bible reading sessions, protected by an absolute lack of rules of engagement, civilian & military judicial code. Real mercs are far from what these guys represent, they are paid to go on the offensive following a particular agenda, mission or contract which they have signed upon, they are in most cases outnumbered & have to fight against all odds, usually instruments of a somehow desperate geopolitical military enterprise. They are everything but fancy & flashy tools of protection for personalities, or private corporate guard-men for governmental octopus. These so called BlackWater rough necks work for a company that is the cherry pie of the largest American administration ever, a company that employs hundred of thousands of individuals, a company that possesses its own fleet of planes, choppers, armed vehicles,lawyers and lobbyists, its own brand of mineral water and sanitary napkins. Talk about big fat corporate cats, there is nothing better than Blackwater. Nothing romantic about being a Blackwater employee, no "esprit de corps" or "squad spirit", no spirit of camaraderie when you are on the receiving end of one of the largest military-industrial complex business enterprise, just bully cowboys with attitude who hide behind thick layers of US administration. What they really do, is working for the largest American shopping mole in the Middle East. Fucking toy soldiers.







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