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Thursday, September 20, 2007

Dysfunctional determinism

or the strange inhibitional mechanism of Joseph Cannon, Grand Ouroboros among bloggers

Is it snottiness and Joseph Cannon that Friedrich Nietzsche had in mind, when he wrote, "What is bad ? Everything that is born of weakness".

What is remarkable about Joseph Cannon, is his humility, It makes you wonder if the creator had little Joe in mind when he gave mortals the gift of linguistics, and if little Joseph was in fact the inspiration behind expressions such as "center of the universe" and "asshole". Unlike Dick Cheney who discovered himself while on the hunt for a vice president, Joseph discovered the world dumbest liberal blogger, and guess what, that's somebody else....Don't you love Mr thin skin pragmatism "de choc" in action. I felt a bit amused while reading Joseph latest act of intellectual bravery & moral clarity, on the issue of "to tase or not to tase ?", and subsequently deciding that the victim "deserved it". Though words little Joseph, I'd love to see you in a street fight....God knows how rightfull and consistent little Joseph is, if you are not wise enough to find yourself on the perfect side of the discourse of the day (which happens to be Joseph's side, on any given day....),Joseph might accuses you of just about anything, but especially of being a conspiracy crazy, an idiot or an ass. Yes indeed, the man has yet to enlarge his repertoire of profanities, he is not being very original. But for one thing Joseph doesn't care much about being original, all he wants is being right, but above all his aspirations, looking intelligent (or desperately trying to look as intelligent...),is what Joseph is really after. Joseph is a simple man, and within the context of his simple mind, Joseph has a very simple scheme, something far beyond his very own realm of personal limitations. Something discernible in his own vocabulary, he loves to talk about "his readers" and how ungrateful and unworthy they are of him. Little Joseph doesn't feign his scorn for his readership, each and every time he becomes the victim of erectile dysfunction. Maybe someone should inform joseph that, size probably doesn't matter (depending on your lady-friend's opinion of course...), and that a hard-on doesn't count as personal growth. Joseph is subjectively the victim of his own "folie des grandeurs" and paradoxically of his terminal sense of inferiority, he is in constant need of reaffirming his personal achievement, and what a better way to do it, than through the demeaning of others (sounds like yours truly...but it is not,turning other's ego into liquid shit is not much of a personal way to reaffirm myself). Joseph tendency to label individuals he doesn't like as "conspiracies crazed cranks", sounds much like a serious Freudian projection. But on the other hand, if unlike Joseph, you do not achieve sexual gratification by reading Daniel Hopsicker's conspiratorial munbo jumbo, you might become the target of Joseph petty chicanerie, because Joseph doesn't have yet the luxury of being cynical and sarcastic. The mere fact of being a funny sniveling, is for Joseph a profound source of satisfaction. Who ever said that the rubes don't know what is good for them.....But it is when confronted or facing argumentation, that our prolific vehicle of wisdom really reaffirms that his intellectual exercise hits the limit of his argumentation expertise.

One more thing Joseph, unlike yourself i have no need for being found of you in order to appreciate what i deem interesting about your writings, I personally consider you to be an immature emotional twerp, but i find some of your writings very interesting indeed, If only you could confine that pesky and cumbersome ego of yours, into the side of your ass where the sun never shines.....







The Intellect is Not a Serious Thing, and Never Has Been. It is An Instrument on Which one Plays, That is All

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