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Thursday, September 20, 2007

A tribute to academic fungus Alan Dershowitz

Never trust someone who looks like this.If his head looks like a rectum, you know he's full of shit

Harvard Law School dirtbag extraordinaire, whose life is a monument to intellectual forgery & bottom feeding embarrassment. The professor who received a piece of mind from his half witted father, and hold on it to this day. The gibbering idiotic neo-Fascist pseudo-Jewish wanker, who did not content himself of playing professional petty accusator for the pro-Zionist gestapo, but also made his mission of destroying the life of Professor Norman Finkelstein. Dershowitz is accidental to the process of human evolution, his gene pool is much closer to cockroaches, and if for years i debated the difference between him and Genital herpes, now i am aware that it is just a matter of linguistic. There is joke circulating among Harvard Frat boys, it says," Dershowitz is so ugly that the last time he got a piece of ass was when his hand slipped through the toilet paper". Over here we have something going like this,"Dershowitz is the type of load you wish his mother had swallowed".

For what you did to Norman, I have my best Voodoo doll working on you....







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