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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

The genius of marketing decrepitude

Or the secret Black Art of turning feces
into gold

Few words from Aleister Crowley's "Leah Sublime", come to mind.
"The smear of your dirt, Snake of the slime, Mouth of my harlot".

Is there anything more amusing & pathetic, than watching an old capitalistic vampire thug like Greenspan, biting down the hand that fed him for so long.....For about 20 years,the man has been the laquet for the worst predatory capitalistic system on this planet, a system which doesn't blink at mass murdering to protect its own economic interest, a system which political structure and ideological mythology is based on an anti-communist pathology, yet a system which has China as its favorite & privileged trade partner. But after decades of having sucked the tainted and foiled blood of American imperial corporatism, Greenspan is allowing a couple of critical words out of his decrepited mouth, because he has an 8 million dollars book's deal, and still a couple of years to live....The Devil is watching you Alan, If there is anything he loves more than fool words, is fool smell.







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