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Saturday, September 1, 2007

Political anthropomorphism

Maybe There is a god after all...

Once upon a time, televangelist whack job Jerry Falwell blamed Liberals for 9/11, he also quoted,"AIDS is the wrath of a just God against homosexuals". Yesterday in an exclusive channeling session with Jerry Falwell, deep from the abysses of hell, i succeeded to communicate with the defunct raving lunatic who used to call himself a reverent. I wanted to ask him about the divine intervention & the wrath of God upon some of us mortals. I asked him about Tony Snow's fight with cancer, and if there was any possibility of a supernatural interpretation for Snow's malady. "Tony Snow got cancer for all the lies he's told the public", responded the good reverent.

Yes indeed Karma is a bitch. You know Tony Snow, Don't expect me to play it hypocritical because you are having a bad day, i mean a bad cancer, Shit happens every day, and people die every day. That doesn't make you any special. I am not a "moral" person, and i personally don't give a fuck about you being sick. Maybe i could feel sorry about you, if i could forget the casual way in which you dismissed the issue of Iraqi death toll, commenting on the 600,000 dead Iraqis, as ridiculous. ....Well now, you are also about to become a ratio, a data on a particular death list, Another asshole bites the dust. Not even cancer can stop you. You the remorseless megaphone of lies & distortions for the most corrupted and incompetent administration in America's history. You helped send to their deaths, thousands of American nationals, and criminally acted as an instrument to deny, dismissed and rejected the genocidal enterprise of American politics upon the Iraqi people, and the subsequent death of about a million individuals.

I was right, cancer is the natural step from moral leprosy.

good riddance.







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