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Friday, September 14, 2007

Open letter to Thomas Friedman

I fail to comprehend how you can continue to function on any level with an IQ that is three degrees below dog shit

I was watching an old interview in which you quoted. "we hit Iraq because we could...", i guess you are not the sentimental type, Tommy. To hit Iraq because you could, and consequentially more than half a million Iraqis got a taste of your little power trip, and died as a result of it. But the stench of their decomposed bodies cannot affect you as long as you stick your porcine characteristic to New York city. "because we could", That's quite a rational, i guess we cannot blame the fucking Nazis anymore, they killed millions of Jews because they could.....And the Iraqi situation doesn't really look so bad when you look at it through the anal cavity of a clumpy New York time's paper-pusher. But you know Tommy, you spineless contemptuous little worm, i am going to play you at your own game. Next time i'll see you on the Avenue, you are going to be the recipient of the bitch slap of the year, just because i can..... And just between you & i, you are the moral equivalent of a colostomy bag, and while on the subject of colostomy bag, please give my respect to your mother. I will never get over the embarrassment of belonging to the same species as you. You are a cankerous wanker A sore that won't go away.







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