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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

An exposure to lies, bile and chemical substances, the Neo-Con way

Donald Rumsfeld, vestige of the irrational. An intimate encounter with mental illness

Every body's favorite trip-head is back on the news again. Donald Rumsfeld after getting bored of mutilating horses on his ranch, is planning his return to public scrutiny, but the Alpha and the Omega of insanity and former pharmaceutical secretary of defense is finding difficulties on his way , a lot of individuals are actually opposed to the King of known unknown, acid Queen of esoteric linguistics, master of psychedelic rhetoric's & hallucinogenic logic's, to obtain an academic status at Stanford university. No doubt that the degenerated chemical fiend will denounce the opposition to his tenure as the latest Dark side of the Moon's Spiders & Snakes conspiracy.
Ah... those voices......








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