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Monday, October 8, 2007

Washingtonian alchemy

The transformation process of the puny little cockroach into a big Black sacred cow

Cspan Q & A

Clarence Thomas, espousing the value of holding other accountable for the crimes of oneself.

What is fascinating with Thomas, is the extend of which he is desperate to paint himself as a victim. and how he horribly suffered at the hands of his detractors. Thomas is the victim of liberal racism and stereotypes, victim of the press and the media, victim of slander, prejudices, baseless accusations, smears and outright jealousy. He has nothing but a deep contempt for critics and people who object to his accomplishment and life style, everybody is out to get him since he is a Black republican, people have tried from day one, and succeeded to ruin his life and his reputation, because he was not what they expected him to be, because he chose to think and act for himself, by being that despicable hypocritical Black republican conservative.... But he considers Rush Limbaugh as a dear friend and a marvelous individual......( i am not making this up !......). Thomas cannot allow himself to be overwhelmed by the blinding light of reality, his self-reassuring unbridled hyperbole addiction is his only refuge. He cherrypicks his facts that he uses to present his case and ignores anything that doesn't help his spin. I think he is one of those people who cannot stand to lose an argument and will twist his logic into a pretzel in order to prove his case.
If you have the stomach to go through the entire interview, there are enough rope to hang the sucker a thousand time, but here is a pretty significant example of the sheer hypocrisy and unbearably contemptible nature of Clarence Thomas.

Clarence Thomas: .... the most exhausting task was to edit the book in a plain speaking way, the way normal people on the street speak, because i do not usually write this way, but i wanted to write it for the people out there, in a way they could understand it......

Brian Lamb: are you going on a book tour ?
Thomas: yes
Lamb : are you going to talk in bookshop, bookstores, libraries ?
Thomas : oh no!, i will be speaking at events that the Federalist society and American enterprise Institute are setting up.....

Did i mentioned how much i despise that hypocritical lying son of a bitch....I think Thomas has a remarkable inferiority complex and it is fully justified. Instead of trying to re-inventing yourself as a Black man, you should do some soul-searching. You might just find one, Justice Thomas, but i am not holding my breath.







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