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Saturday, October 6, 2007

Lewd creativity

Hitchens and the crass emotional inspiration syndrome

Someone mailed me this morning, asking me if i was the same "Heliogabalus" who used to post on daily base on the Fray, over there at Slate magazine, and if i was , why did i stopped to comment about Hitchens on my own blog. Well, i spent a considerable amount of time writing about Hitchens in his own backyard, and wiping his face with his own feces, and i occasionally enjoy producing a little diatribe directed at the dark prince of contrariety, but there are individuals who are doing a much better work, by actually dissecting through the daily flow of Hitchens natural dejections. christopherhitchenswatch

Although i have on this blog few posts devoted to Christopher Hitchens. Personally i think i have seen everything that can be expected from an individual like Christopher hitchens, and if there is one particular individual who has captured the essence & physically represented the notion of "discredited", i firmly believe that , Mr Great Contrarian in Chief is that individual. In a self destructive kind of way, i like Hitchens, because he makes me laugh, because he represents everything that is wrong with pseudo-intellectuals, and that specifically explains why and how he finds himself along other pseudo-intellectuals buffoons, such as Wolfowitz, Perle, Horowitz, Dershowitz and compagnie....(i guess i am exposing myself to the anti-Semite nasty ephiphet...). Few days ago i was going through some old Hitchens pieces on Slate,and talking about discredited Jew, little Jacob Weisberg comes to mind. On Tuesday, April 17, 2007, Hitchens started his piece with these words:"We know no spectacle so ridiculous," wrote Macaulay about the vilification of Lord Byron, "as the British public in one of its periodical fits of morality." Change the word "ridiculous" to "contemptible," and the words "British public" to "American press," and you have some sense of the eagerness for prurience, the readiness for slander, and the utter want of fact checking......
I have another suggestion for you Christopher, change the words "British public" to "Christopher Hitchens", and revert "contemptible" to "ridiculous", and you have some sense of the eagerness for prurience, the readiness for slander, and the utter want of fact -checking......that you have demonstrated during all these years. The tongue is a double-edged sword, indeed...

Another reader commented, that i was vile and unfair (true...and this is the reason i am not allowing comment on my blog...), Ok, nice try, but expecting to win an argument with a wit like this, is like getting into a fight with your dick in your hand, when you're out of Viagra. Dear reader, next time you wish to hurt someone (and especially a nasty son of a bitch like myself), ask your girlfriend to drop her pants (like Napoleon used to say,"it is all about scent"......). Now dear reader, please refer to the appropriate elliptic position.







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