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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Ambiguous equivalence

I decided to take on this issue, after being confronted with the grim reality of mainstream rabid xenophobia and the most violent racist Islamophobic rhetorics from a community of so called "activist atheists" who are rampant on Social Networks such as Youtube. A community acting as a cult who follows the precepts of a disturbed and paranoid middle aged British agit prop, going by the name of Pat Condel. These so called "new atheists" are using the atheist platform to spread among mainstream public opinion, racist ideas, xenophobia, bigotry & hatred of Arabs on the pretext of attacking the religion of Islam. One of their favorite target of vitriolic attacks, is the so called "pedophilic nature" of Islam. An accusation which is probably better left to be argued among real scholars of Islamic studies. But what is always being conveniently ignored is the fact that pedophilia was an institution in the most prominent Western civilizations & cultures, well before the advent of Islamic societies. Therefore in regard to the accusations lead by British Islamophobes & through the mouth of their middle aged "Joan of Arc", it would be appropriate to take a look back at England own history & social values, in the context of accusations of pedophilia made by British racists & xenophobes towards Islamic cultures & civilizations. Ironically enough, we may learn that Prostitution & sexual exploitation of children during Victorian Era (1830 - 1901) was widespread and rampant among British society. The British legislation was no better since, "In 1861 Parliament passed the Offenses against the Person Act (24 & 25 Victoria, Cap. 100) confirming the age of consent at twelve, and making carnal knowledge of a girl under age ten a felony and of a girl between the ages of ten and twelve a misdemeanor. Additionally, indecent assault or attempted rape upon a girl under twelve was punished with up to two years imprisonment..."(1).

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Jennifer Payne
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