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Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Always about the invisible invincible Muslim terrorists

Former ISI chief: Mumbai and 9/11 Both “inside jobs”
video interview

General Hamid Gul was the former Head of Pakistani intelligence services from 1987 to 1989, opposed to General Pervez Musharraf coup d'etat with the complicity of the United States, he was imprisoned and became vigorously critical of the US-Pakistani policies in the region. General Gul was also one of the architect behind the secret war against Soviet occupation ofAfghanistan.

Recently, General Leonid Ivashov, Former chief of staff of Russian Federation armed forces, also spoke publicly during a television program, about his conviction that the 9/11 terrorists didn't acted alone, and benefited from complicity from within the highest sphere of American establishment.

During the interview, Farid Zakaria asked General Gul:
"General Gul, when you read about these attacks in Mumbai, and you see - when you read about the attacks in Mumbai, this is a three-stage, amphibious assault in which the boats were commandeered, the captain and crew then killed. They maintained radio silence. They split up into pairs. They know their locations. They make a few false targets to draw the first responders there. This seems like a military operation. Isn't it likely that there was some special forces or intelligence assistance given to these attackers?".

Interestingly enough, similar questions could be raised about the September 11 attacks, from which appears an apparent pattern of similarities in term of operational procedures, tactical planning and a total failure in adequate protective and defensive response. I guess. if you are willing to believe the official story of 19 Middle Eastern terrorists defeating American billion dollars military & intelligence infrastructure, you may also be willing to believe anything.....including conspiracy theories.
Last time they stroked aboard planes, this time they came by boats. Originality and diversity, the new terrorist motto?.







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