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Thursday, December 11, 2008

Nuclear ostracism

Good news for the nation of sheeps, there is soon to be another raving lunatic in the White House.

Obama will nuke Iran if Israel nuked, official says.

Newly president elected Obama, the crypto banana republican who won the latest presidential elections, is doing his best at rebutting the gossips that portray him as a radical and dangerous Islamist. During the past few weeks, he has done his best at demonstrating that he was not a secret operative of the Marxist fifth column, by appointing the usual pack of hawkish DLC dirt bags, who had run the country hand in hand with their republican dirt bag counterparts. Playing the idolatrous pro-Zionist card was not enough for Obama, he has now decided that it was time for him to act as the joker of the game, by turning himself into an agit prop provocateur for the state of Israel, and a grand proselytist of the shock of civilizations. So much for a man who believes himself to be the reincarnation of Martin Luther King, and the grand protector extraordinaire of the Great people of Zion. Obama. I wish you could have shown the same degree of concern & engagement, when those Black folks were left on their own in New Orleans, drowning into the insipid waters of repugnant administration laisse faire, during one of the worst natural catastrophe in US history, when Blacks corpses where floating alongside garbage cans in the streets of New Orleans, when people were left to die and rot for days, in the center of one of America's biggest city, when human beings were parked by the thousands like animals (not even like animals....), without water, food and sanitation, and left for days to live among despair, hunger, trashes, and excrements.

Congratulations, president elected Obama, i knew you were a con man, a fairy tale and a can of worms on legs, but again i was underestimating the size of the moron market in America. Being a lying, deceitful and disingenuous prick does make one a political genius, and a presidential nominee.

You, the magnificent & absolute Chump who is making the job so easier for those like myself, who wish to discredit & ridicule America.

It's probably going to require time before you dumb Americans are able to locate Iran on a world map, meanwhile Iranians may sleep peacefully.







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