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Sunday, December 14, 2008

For those the Bell Tolls to late

The orphans and left behind of the Global Islamist hegemonic conspiracy

I'd hate to break the hearts of most of pseudo-historians and geopolitical wankers at Harry's place, but if these " Concerned Citizens against Global Islamist hegemonic conspiracy" thought they had a scoop on that one, they are actually jumping on a bandwagon that is far from being a shining beacon of originality. Already in late 1890's there were some hysterical and over emotional concerns about an imminent unleashing of blood sucking trans-Saharan hordes upon planet Europa. Well before the coming of Britney Spears & Osama Bin Laden, barbarians invasions have always been quite popular in Western psyches.

Capitaine Danrit "L'invasion Noire".
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