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Saturday, December 13, 2008

A Fatwa, not on my watch

On the irrelevance of Pat Condell

Pat Condell is an hyper agitated maniac who is trying to bank from Islamophobia, to get his own piece of the cake, since post 9/11, it has become very lucrative indeed to play the bitter & hateful intolerant circus freak. Condell is a barometer for agitprop trickery, a boorish little man projecting his petty insecurity on the world at large, this over emotional granny needs to find a decent job, instead of providing equally emotional & ignorant twerps on Youtube, their daily dose of anti-Muslim verbal diarrhea. Condell is cherry picking his "facts". Of course there are lunatics who would like to regress & transform our societies into moral & intellectual medieval model, but these nutjobs are to be found in every religions. In the US, the Evangelicals and Dominionists have actually access to the highest spheres of governement, and exercise considerable influence, both on social and political decision making. They are major forces in American political establishment. Some of these religious groups, most of them from Christian denomination, have already achieved to create havens for religious communities that have endorsed and adopted social & existential structures completely secluded from County, State, Federal or National legal authority. Communities that are not only rejecting modern technology, sciences & education, but also the authority from the "outside framework" to enforce laws or pronounce legal judgments upon their own. The fact are, physical threat from Muslim extremism is scarce, actual incidents which resulted in injury, death and destruction of property are even less infrequent, but are extremely well publicized.....A simple mathematical operation is enough to disprove Pat Condell's sheer emotional exploitation of the fear of Muslim extremism. Within the last 8 years only, How many Arabs, Muslims, Middle Easterns, or non Westerners have died a the hand of Westerners (American Christian soldiers, Jewish Israeli troops....) or their homicidal proxies ?. Pat Condell so called "atheism" and his denunciation of Islam, is nothing but a disgraceful masquerade for his vile and paranoid xenophobia. Pat Condell's fear, hatred and fixation on Muslims, certainly represent the reflection of a particular Freudian projection. Always so amusing to watch the world through the eyes of a mediocre middle aged muckraking loser like Condell, a world in which dark armies of evil "doers" Muslims are bent on raping White babies, killing Christian puppies, and whose solely purpose is to annihilate those magnificent self righteous and morally immaculate Western societies, paragons of centuries of enlightenment, peace and prosperity. But you would think that someone like condell who cherishes at pissing off Muslims wackos, would be the ideal victim of some abominable cosmic Fatwa?. The idiot is so irrelevant that even the craziest Muslim nutjob out there, refuses to take him seriously!. Probably the biggest insult for an introverted granny who's doing best his best at grabbing any type of attention.

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