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Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Apocalyptic crystal gazing

Latest masochistic derangement syndrome from the crack pipe nation

Nuclear or biological attack on US "likely within 5 years"

Extraordinary claims demand extraordinary evidence. The probability of this being a load of bullshit, hyped up by a bunch of paranoid bureaucratic crackpots, is much higher than the probability that it is legitimate. Much... much higher.
This represents what America is and always will be...scared little boys that never become men. Scared people afraid of their own shadows and terrified of the color of the shadow. Afraid of the day that they will have to pay for their sins, living on earth like it is Heaven, they know they have to pretend it is, because pretending is as close as they will get. Sins of your Fathers....may they always haunt America, dumber than crap!.







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