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Thursday, December 4, 2008

The one annoying tard left to melt down

What more does Chris Hitchens, the love sponge of Washingtonian journalism, have to do to be considered discredited?.

The (un)friendly witness of Christopher Hitchens

Chris (call me Christopher....) Hitchens is the discredited and pitiful alcoholic tosser who speaks with that melodious voice & delicious British accent. Both on the right and left love him, the rubes think he is cool. Hitchens was born an alcoholic but also a talented and brilliant liar, a creature of resentment, having lost his mommy at an early age, he decided to pursue a career as a pimple on the ass of humanity. The poor desperate drunken moron has been wrong time and time again on every single issue. He doesn't even know what he believes anymore, but that doesn't prevent News networks, and mainstream media to give him substantial airtime to expose and embarrass himself even further.

We have to persuade him to do some more water-board testing on videos..







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