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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The underbelly of archaic intrapsychic mediocrity

Youtube is becoming a refuge & playground for frustrated racist scared little white men, who are too old to be part of the racist skinheads movement, or don't have the testicle to wear their xenophobia & sheer racism on their sleeves in the real world. The quality of comments, argumentation & the general historical & political understanding of these characters is abysmal. Most of these trolls have a 3rd grade education & a comprehension of religious & political affairs that is equivalent to the collective wisdom of a bag of doorknobs. Quite a few among them are using the atheist platform to engage in the most rancid anti Muslim propaganda, while their real agenda & motivation is the demonization of Arabs, acting under the cover of a pseudo-rational-anti religious endeavor that spreads rhetorics endorsing & advocating the deportation, mass slaughter, and extermination of Arabs. A typical specimen of these racist yappy little dog is a 42 tr old mental midget British citizen, who goes by the name of "MuslimKillinCrusader". This is what the week end historian & geopolitical genius tells the world about himself on his channel page MuslimKillinCrusader

"Let me be clear. I do not advocate the murder of muslims. I do however believe that Islam is the most dangerous threat to our western civilisation. Supposedly, there are moderate muslims, but while they seem to condemn terrorist murder, they can understand it. This is unacceptable and symptomatic of a troubling hidden agenda all muslims believe in without exeption. That they are destined to defeat our Hellenistic civillisations and rule the world. Therefore I am suspicious of all muslims, with the exception of those who have left Islam, and are in islamic apostasy. I must also say I dont hate muslims. I am merely a product of their hate and barbarity".

Ironically enough, this beacon of Westernized self rigtheousness and moderation doesn't need much to reveal the true magnitude of his profound philosophy,when interacting with an equally intellectually deficient provocator, playing a raving lunatic having a soft spot for Zarqawi & Saddam Hussein. "Oh Israel, Use your 500 nuclear weapons well. They are a gift from God, with which to destroy these vile rats and brothers of apes and pigs......the Muslims, Insallah!".

Fortunately, there is a sinister and demonic Islamic conspiracy upon immaculate Western societies, a psychopathological symptom that provides relief to all of these losers, like this 42 yr old handjob from England, who probably still lives with his mother and collect welfare checks. The Islam syndrome or, How around September 2001, i discovered a mysterious Middle Eastern religion, and learned to love living in fear since, and found easy to blame them for my own miserable existential failures. Without the abominable threat of Islam, everything would be so perfect in fantasylands.







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