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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Geopolitcus Ridiculus

Lugubrious Conflations from the belly of the ludicrous & farcical

Chris Hitchens latest revelations on the subject of Pakistan and Afghanistan

More Opiates for the mass, because the rubes love Hitchens. He is a contemptuous opportunistic quack, but he speaks with a melodious voice and has such lovely accent. Hammer of secularism, grand priest of falsification & disingenuous extraordinaire!. Hitchens is a talented illusionist, a verbal trickster, he can make the best out of the most ridiculous. Yes indeed, Hitchens is the one we have to listen, he is someone with consistency. Here is what the man who" knows too much", had to say about Afghanistan only a couple of years ago.

"Al-Qaida is obviously finished in Afghanistan, the Taliban can never come back. But with al-Qaida, every one of them is potentially a suicidal terrorist, so every one down is a real plus....".

For an agit prop provocateur like Hitchens,The world really does look different when you look at through the bottom of a whiskey bottle. Bring Hitchens before the court of public opinion, much less the law, he would just take the fifth . . . and drinks it.







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