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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The alchemy of processing lies & spins

On the black art of turning vomitus,feces,urine,phlegm & flatus into virtual reality

The Bush administration methodological science of urinating on the truth is always entertaining, & a remarkable display of the art of corruption of
language. Responding to a reporter, White House Grand wizard of distortion, Tony Snow retorts went from esoteric to exotic.


A report indicates that the US military is stretched in Iraq....and that there is a safe haven in the Pakistani tribal area for Al Qaida top that why the US is not going after those Al Qaida elements in Pakistan, or by deference to President Musharraf ?.

Tony blow.

you talk about the US going blindly into a foreign nation.....


Well we went into a sovereign nation in 2003.

Tony blow.

He (the president) went into a sovereign nation, Iraq, with the support of 17 UN resolutions. More bla bla bla....from the Blow Man.

The US also went into a sovereign nation without the explicit approval of the UN security council, which denied the US the authorisation of the use of force against Iraq, but that was then and this is now. Amusing indeed, the US considers Al Qaida the biggest threat not only to its national security, but to western civilization itself, and for some ambiguous or obscure reasons of its own, persists on respecting Osama Bin Laden refugee status within the tribal area of Pakistan.

If ignorance & arrogance are blessed, then there is a place in heaven for the bush administration.







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