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Tuesday, July 3, 2007

No Prison rape for Scooter, or how Annie the menace of the Bush administration is on his way for a Presidential medal of silence.

Cats hate mice but individual like George Bush loves rat, especially the little pustular bureaucratic rodent type like Scooter Libby. I don't get it, everybody was acting so surprised when Bush commuted his little latrine leech's sentence. Come on people, you had to see it coming....being unable to smell the coffee from Kennebunkport is one fact, but the overwhelming scent of excrement courtesy of the Bush administration is somehow different, the amount of fecal matters that these people have been producing & amassing for the last 7 years is abysmal, scatology on a a Gargantuan scale, an orgy of Merde......a phenomenal appetite for gastro-intestinal infection.
Of course Bush was going to take care of scooter, who do you think Scooter was working for?. Why do you think Scooter went after Valerie Plame in the first place. Because far from being satisfied with extra marital relations with Judith Miller & Bob Novak, Scoober was on his way to fuck Valerie Plame "pour la patrie", some forced penetration for the good of the Nation. Because it's all about sex in Washington DC, and since Lynne has an aversion for dick (the male organ), and because Dick (the Vice Prez) cannot screw anything above 12 yrs of age, little Scooter was the one who made this dysfunctional family, looks kind of normal....

And trust me, Cheney's daughter became a lesbian by choice or rather by resignation....Way to ugly to induce an erection. The funny thing is, this is one lesbian i am never going to fantasm about....







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