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Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Rape of American Judicial system and related jail stories (and why do men like Scooter Libby never get a taste of their own medecine).

Don't ever use the word pussy to designate a weak man anymore. Because at least "pussies" have the "balls" to do time (Susan McDougal, Martha Stewart, Paris Hilton), while bureaucratic twerp like Scooter Libby bathes in the moisture of his fear-soaked underwear, waiting to get a free pass from the highest twerp on record, the presidential one.....

Paris Hilton was sent to prison for traffic violation & driving license related offence, While there are individuals in Washington DC who deserve jail time if not execution squad, but benefit from "grandiose protection", the protection from above. Somehow the justice system is expressing his wrath on a young eccentric socialite female who never hurt anyone. Meanwhile Ken Lay is enjoying life in Costa Rica, under a new face & identity, Tom Delay doesn't have a criminal record, and became the Fox News newest babbling Vagina , but.... Martha Stewart actually went to prison for months,

Too bad for him, in prison someone with a name like "scooter" is bound to high popularity. As a compassionate conservative, Scooter just missed a multicultural integration experience.







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