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Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Bush dead enders

The grand chessboard of the Pax Americana & Liberation through extermination

Why is it so difficult for the liberals & anti war muckrakers to understand the importance of the war on terror, and the Judeo Christian crusade against the dark armies of IslamoFascists ?. You have to fight them in Basra so you won't have to fight them in South Carolina (since the camel jockeys learn to swim and can now reach American shores, and because the Federal government is unwilling to finance the Ku Klux Klan, Neo Nazi skinheads & other patriotic Americans to guard & assume control of the border with Mexico...there is a potential AlQaeda operative in every Mexican illegal, and they share the same dark complexion after all). Dear war mongers quite an achievement indeed, without dropping an once of your own blood, no sweat no tears......and an everlasting gratitude from the body bag industry. Thanks to the American experiment, Iraq is turning into a Middle Eastern Alice in wonderland, where the freedom to die around the corner, is not a choice but an option, every time you find yourself out of toilet paper, and had to walk to the nearest market store.

Thank you for cheer leading a military aggression upon a sovereign nation, instrumental for Burying the thousands of Saddam Hussein's victims, under piles of hundreds of thousands of fresh new corpses, courtesy of American contribution to Middle East democratic process (that old universal adage, "in order to democratize them, we have to butcher them first... liberation through extermination).







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