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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Crash course on liberty & freedom, American style

Cspan-Washington journal Sunday Morning.

The Washington think tank smarmy pundit face was radiating with confidence, or should i call him a pundit puppet?. He was the guest that particular morning, and the day before, Senator Richard Lugar on the floor of the House delivered a speech, adamant to support for Al Qaida & its dark armies of Islamo-Fascists worldwide. "The main idea of America is individual liberty" came out from the mouth of the smarmy pundit. You have to love those words, they mean something, because of the value of the word Liberty, who doesn't love Liberty ?, who could possibly reject the very nature of Liberty, we all learned from the father of Liberty & freedom himself, the great leader george W Bush, that Liberty was universal and a gift from God to mankind, if the man said so and if you saw it on TV it must be true, if you cannot trust the President of the United States and television altogether, the world must be flat. But i am one of those who believe the world to be i called Cspan.

Hello Cspan good morning, this is S from Tokyo Japan, excuse my French but this is total bullshit!.
Brian Lamb : why ?
Me : ask your guest to define Freedom Iraqi style, ask him the cost of Freedom, ask him the number of casualties & dead who missed that Freedom opportunity by an inch of their lives,
Brain Lamb : so?.
The smarmy pundit : we don't do body count.....& the surge is working......because our great leader said so.
Me : i all i have to do is believe you, and the truth shall set me free ?.
The smarmy pundit : well......Americans are good & our intentions are honorable....
Me laughting : you know what, i chose to believe history, and history has a bias toward America....
Brian Lamb : what do you mean by that?.
Me : what i mean is, the main idea of America is individual liberty, and that's the reason the US has supported & backed up every particular form of right wing dictatorship throughout the world to this day, and is now engaged in tremendous commercial profits with the world only remaining dictatorship, Communist China.....
Brain Lamb : we have to let you Republican line, you are on the air.







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