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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Channeling Nostradamus

or the Christopher Hitchens school of journalism

Whatever the issue, French national elections, weapons of mass destructions, Al Qaida-Saddam Hussein association, the strategy to win the war
on Islamo-fascist-terror (and much else.....), the future of a democratic secular Iraqi government, the price of Eva Longeria's sex tapes in Baghdad black market, Reading Hitchens, gives you the feeling of what is like calling a 30$ an hour "online psychic",who tells you that:
1) you are on your way to win the next tournament of American idol.
2) your son is about to marry Paris Hilton, and
3) your recently deceased unemployed husband, was in fact working secretly for the CIA.
All of that while you are sitting in a funky trailer down in an area of Louisiana known as American Bangladesh.....

People always asked me why am i so sarcastic and cynically dismissive of Hitchens writings, well if you are able of taking him seriously, you have certainly achieved a major victory of leading the forces of goofiness over those of critical & rational thinking, therefore there isn't much i can do for you.

But without the Baghdad Bob of Washington would be less amusing.







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