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Saturday, July 7, 2007

The case against Hitchens

Religion sucks, paycheck from
religious don't.

"Orgy of mawkishness,sloppiness & false sentiment".
Hitchens Slate Magazine Tuesday, April 24, 2007.

I have no need for your book to make up my mind on religious matters, but i actually agree with you on most of your points Hitch, but i also believe you are the last person on this planet to be allowed to denounce it, and in the mean time makes a mountain of dollars out of it). If a large segment of the American population is guilty by association in this "orgy of mawkishness, sloppiness, and false sentiment", what about yourself ?, Christopher Hitchens Speaks to Witherspoon Fellows:(link) I sold my soul to god for an afternoon Guilty by association too?!. But for an unapologetic sinner like yourself, There's nothing you won't do or say for an audience, and accusing you of being a "mercenaire" is a non sequitur.....and exitus acta probat anyway!. For someone labelled as the hammer of secularism and who once 'woke up every morning angry that religion still exists, taking money from former Gary Bauer's Family Research Council, and now making even more money by petty attacks on religion through books & articles, is a remarkable intellectual "tour de force". But even a Non-theist like myself knows that "god works in mysterious way", and if "all roads lead to the Vatican", dollar bills could somehow become vehicles (in god we trust..).

In a very near future, i guess we may expect something like: Prolific author of "war pimping for dummies" and "god is not great: how religion poisons everything" Christopher Hitchens,is now working on "metaphorical & spiritual salvation recycling for dummies from an atheist perspective", a grandstanding trivial pompous manifesto on the Core Principles of intellectually disingenuous & outright dishonest.

What's next for you, Christopher the Atheist, an Armageddon cruise to the holy Land with Pat Robertson & Jerry Falwell...

(Baghdad Bob has never been so close to Washington...)







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