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Sunday, July 29, 2007


LDP (Jimin To) politicians, the finest representants of Japan's crassest of the dumbest, have lost their grip on the nation's throat today. Japan's opposition parties won majority in upper house. The first time that a party other than the LDP has seized the most seats in the chamber since the LDP was established in 1955. This could be the start of a process of genuine foreign policy, not a corrupted & stinking plutocracy bent of playing the games of Washingtonian politics, against Japan own interests. Japanese people have spoken over the overwhelming corruption & incompetence of the party who have never been able to say no to Washington. This election went beyond the mere political context of right & left politics.The LDP (Jimin To) while being the party associated with right wing politics, ideologies & nationalistic endeavor, was the very party who sold Japan to foreign interests & influences, it became known as the party of corruption,scandals, dirty deals & rotting leadership, emasculated courtiers of Washington powers.







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