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Sunday, July 1, 2007

Of Scumbag,bloody sleazeball and the synchronicity of mass slaughter

Joe Lieberman that sleazy Zionist scumbag got on "ABC this week" with boy George Stephanopoulos today, and stated that "the time is not running out politically in Iraq". Well tell that to the 1500-2000 Iraqis who died on a monthly base, Joe. But i guess Joe has a point on his own, an extermination of Iraqis at the hand of the freedom loving Americans or at the hand of Islamofascists means a lesser threat to the apartheid state of Israel. and according to Joe, Iran is on the move, plus for Joe's bloody soaked mind, today's Middle East geopolitical situation resemblance with 1945 Nazi Germany is not coincidental. It's the Fascist-Nazi syndrome stupid.....all over again, this time with a twist of Persian flavor.

Lieberman reference to Nazi Germany is both sinister & almost comical to a certain point, because he is certainly the type of "Jews" who would have probably been very cozy with the Nazi regime, to the point of fighting under German uniform & sous l'etendart de la swastika, or at least collaborating with that little Austrian neuropathic dictatorial buffoon.

See : Hitler's Jewish soldiers by Bryan Mark Rigg. University Press of Kansas.

And i hate to watch those 3 post menopausal fruitcakes, Cookie Roberts, Donna Brasile and Bay Buchanan, they cruelly remind how difficult it is , for not turning misogynistic.







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