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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tales from the white house corpse

The day where you don't have to feel ashamed for being a scatologist

The desperate Bush administration is turning cannibalistic, and yesterday give us an opportunity to watch the White House jester doing his Hannibal part, and eat one of his own in plain sight. Tony Snow, the snotty-nosed prick who also serves as the propagandist for the omnificent wisdom and intelligence of Georges W Bush, took on World Net Daily's agitprop Les Kinsolving, the gaseous neoconservatism radio host who made a career as a bitter & hateful intolerant circus freak. Apparently, two faced liar forked tongue Tony wasn't too happy with one of Kinsolving's raucous & mediocre muckraking, and he expressed his feeling, even going as far as suggesting Kinsolving what to write. When the twister tells the twisted...Tony Snow the spigot for the criminal administration of King George, is suffering from metastatic cancer, but not even cancer can stop this remorseless echo chamber from bravely spreading baseless lies and distortions, on daily base to the American public. Way to go Tony, you may have few months to live, yet you chose to stay & spend it lying to the American people in order to defend the most corrupt and incompetent administration in this nation's history. I guess, cancer is the natural step from moral leprosy.







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