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Sunday, July 1, 2007

To the muckraking Francophones

OK, i have received mails from Friends and individuals who consider themselves friends of mine, regarding my use and only use of the language of Shakespeare on this blog. But i was not supposed to write a blog in the first place, that's a brilliant idea from my friend Antithesis, the other heretical son of a bitch who used to roam the Fray with me, and spent a considerable amount of his time turning poster's ego into liquid shit (just like yours truly, but he really did it with a special kind of "savoir faire")., i was just the monkey on his shoulder. But since i cannot let the cat out of the box in the vicinity of the Fray anymore, i found myself pretty happy to piss on other's necks from the coziness of my very own space.....

Intermission. If you are into poetry and real writing, not the scatological ranting provided free of charge on these pages, you really have to check my Dear Friend blog ,Pierce Penniless : The very own space of former Poster's King Zeus Boy, over there at the Slate's Fray. A man of considerable and unique talent, and also certainly the only person i felt honored to be insulted by (because of his particular talent). those of you who think they have encountered talent and skill on the Web haven't seen nothing until you find yourself reading John's poetry. And by the way, he also provide some severe ass kicking rants as well.......But he is more of a Maestro of the prose & Poesie than anything else.

But i digress......
So dear friends of mine who wish their daily dose of fresh irrational scabrous rants "en Francais et dans le texte"(hypocritical bastards...), your voices have been heard .....But seriously to all of you Francophone only, maybe it is about time to devote less time to Porn and start that English crash course you have been talking about for years.....(you good to nothing anti American & terrorist loving old Europeans....).

And Frederick mon cher Ami, la prochaine fois que tu te permets de questioner ma ponctuation, you are history.......(i can name jealousy when i see







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