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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Et voila...

Never trust a man with short legs (like Hitchens) because his brains are too near the bottom

I knew it, it was bound to happen, and it did. I have an amazing skill at being able to smell the shit before it hits the fan. The Grand prophet of the Pax Americana, Saint Christopher Hitchens had the luxury of being the absolute authority on flawed politics, while exhibiting a peculiar cynical exuberance something Geoff also did (while being an authority of "nothing in particular"), So i wasn't that surprised to read our little friend geoff mesmerizing piece of hyper emotional expression of irrational thoughts, in regard to Muslims & terrorism (it's all about the "ism"). And i guess hitch must be in serious trouble, for picking a sidekick, who knows as much of Middle Eastern geopolitics than he knows about human psychology....Why do people have to make a fool of themselves, by engaging in issues they know absolutely nothing about. Geoff, why don't you stick to something you actually know something about, like the recent discovery of your own very deep religious conviction (or is it over yet?...). Because i am not convinced, you are willing yet to blow an artery over a Muslim related "indignatio impetus", and if our dearest Washington Bob, the magnificent hitchhiker of truth, Christopher Hitchens is in need for the Fray editor to help him legitimize his farcical rants, Next time, he wishes to hurt someone, he'd better ask his girlfriend to drop her pants. Because that piece like any hitchens pieces, was as intellectually challenging as a Lindsey Lohan's movie, and unlike lohan's morphology, Geoff's piece is not going to affect my morning erection. And the only vibes emanating from it, was an extraordinary culturally archaic intrapsychic mediocrity.
I used to love Hitchens when he specialized in Mother Theresa sexuality, or lengthily wrote about the complete yearbook of Lady Diana menstruations cycle, he was fun, but when he turned his focus onto politics, i had a very bad feeling, and Geoff i feel for you too my friend....

Once again reality has outpaced my best effort at satire.

Someone should tell Hitchens, that a hard-on for twisted ideology doesn't count as personal growth.







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