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Friday, August 3, 2007

One Black who gives me the blues

not fresh for "acting fresh"

I never liked the Chicago mulatto, clean cut media savvy, smile on demand, empty suit and shallow rhetoric's, but when he does a "Joe Lieberman" au chocolat , and professes to attack Pakistan, you have to wonder if there is not enough sheer ignorance of international laws & arrogance, in the Bush administration, without the special twist of the Illinois golden boy. Attacking Pakistan, that's a really smart idea brother, opening a new front for American military in the tribal area of Pakistan, it's like you don't feel having enough on your hands with Iraqi & Afghan ragtags turning the "best army" in the world into a shadow of itself, you need the help of Pakistani religious nutcases to turn your Middle Eastern failure into an absolute failure. I have been watching you for a while, during Bush appointees confirmation sessions (like John Bolton....), you acted like a first class yellow trail sissy, and voted along Republicans & mainstream Democrats. Senator Obama you are the Designated Uncle Tom of the Democratic party, if you really want to keep your place, don't speak too tough, because some may ask you to act tough, and because you & i know that you cannot produce....Just be a nice boy, that's about everything everyone is expecting from you.

I never met Martin Luther King or Malcom X, but i respect them for what they have done for the Black community in the US, and you Senator Obama what have you done for them?.

Invading Pakistan!.... you two time acting fresh looser.







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