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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fuck you America

and fuck the terrorists too....

Latest news from the "democratized" Middle East. As far as 500 died in the latest terrorist attack in Iraq, meanwhile the giggling blood soaking little clown president, is vacationing in his family estate. Do you feel safer, and you Uncle Osama, do you feel threaten by the mightiest military forces in human history. Every single day, the number of casualties gets higher thanks to America's lust for bad & funky testosterone, and that peculiar taste for war & destruction, as long as the casualty doesn't belong to god's chosen people. The world had to stop spinning because of the 9/11 attacks, and since then, the fogy whining has given birth to a particular sense of martyrdom among the largest concentration of shit for brain on the planet.

History is already judging the crimes of the US government in regard to the illegal and shameful military intervention in Iraq, and the role played by the military in this infamy, more than a half a million lives have been lost, out of the 25-26 million official Iraqi population, if this is not a genocide, we may have to rehabilitate the memory of the Nuremberg gang, and set them on the same "freedom lover" status as American idiotic president George Bush. we don't have to ask you Americans, How can you sleep at night, because we are already aware of the fact that the most Christian nation on earth, after the Vatican, is a country in which people have an equally amazing appetite for psychotronic drugs, as they have for religious garbage. And thanks to Viagra, getting an erection isn't reserved to situations in which you have the possibility to torture and abuse smarmy sand-niggers, while your fellow white trash in uniform is getting a piece of the action on film, for later prosperity.

I think it is fair to say, that i had enough, i can only speak for myself, but i don't give a damn about Americans casualties, and the number of coffins invisible to the grand public. You wanted your war, had it and now you are finding yourself in a situation in which the possibility of getting fucked, is equal to the ability you have to fuck others. You fucked with the bull, you've got the horns....suffer in silence America, and don't forget to fuck yourself on your way back.

And you, the terrorists, whoever you are, whatever twisted mental sickness motivates you. You believe that killing 500 of your fellows countrymen gives you a ticket to heaven, where an army of virgins awaits you to please your sexuality for eternity, i have some news for you. You may take a look at those Abu Graib videos, because this is what is waiting for you, up there, and you better get used to have your anal cavity probed by foreign object, because the virgins who are waiting for you, are all wearing strap on....You murderous sons of bitches.







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