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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The lesser side of fat and big idiocy

Never misunderestimate the size of the moron market

Ok democrats, you are screwed, and i am restraining my terminology here. This is the best you've got to put against god's favorite rubes. The little comedian with an ego interchangeable with Bill O Reilly's. At least that leaves Franken safe from the accusation, of being into Wall Street & big business pockets, the guy is already too busy with the DNC's pockets. Frankly, Al Franken sucks so much, that if he could suck even more, he wouldn't be able to inhale his own ego. I am waiting for you, fucking spineless democrats to try to rationalize someone like Franken, who makes a living by doing the same thing he accuses others to do...I know god works in mysterious way. There is synchronicity between shit enthusiasts. Washington Politicians, Isn't amazing how cheap they can make them, these days ?. Talking about expectation, a lot of unnecessary shouting and swearing, and Karl Rove won't be around to get all the blame. As long as you present worthless little candidates deserving nothing but the profoundest contempt, you'll be at the receiving end of the painful sexual intercourse.

But there is equity in the land of the braves, Bush & Cheney have a couple of "Whiteys", you have yours...The religious right freaks have their sacrosanctity, you have Holy Hillary. And just like Al Franken, Look Ma, i can touch myself.







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